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Picture of Pallet Wood Picture Frame - Travel Inspired

In this guide I show how I made my travel inspired Pallet Wood picture frame.

I wanted a frame to hold different notes and coins for countries I have visited with my wife. We thought this would be a cool way to remember different trips around the world. I will continue to add more and more money as time goes on, and already have to add more since making this! The idea can be adapted for any theme I just wanted to make it travel inspired.

For this project you will need;

Step 1: Cut Down Wood

Picture of Cut Down Wood

I started with some pallet wood. I originally wanted to make these into mitred corners but had lost the adjustment knob off my mitre saw. So I just went with a butt joint, in the end I actually prefer this as it looks more rustic. I made my measurements based around the A3 sheet of plexiglass I had, and the width of the pallet boards I had. I cut 2 x 48cm and 2 x 35.5cm.

I spent some time figuring out which layout looked the best. Then I put some wood glue on the edges and used a staple gun to hold them together. This is an incredibly easy and quick way to hold a frame together. I would never use this technique for something I would sell or give to someone. But for something just my own house I am happy to live with it.

This next step would be much easier if I had a router, but I don't. So I worked around it. I took some thin strips of wood to build up a smaller inner frame to hold the plexiglass and backing. I didn't really measure this precisely just cut it down to match around the plexiglass. I then glued and stapled this down as well.