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In this Instructables I'll show how I made my pallet wood and glass bottle vase. It was my mum's birthday and she's a florist so I wanted to make her something she could use in that. This is a nice and simple build, and didn't actually cost me anything as I already had everything lying around.

For this project you will need;

Step 1: Cut & Drill

Picture of Cut & Drill
Pallet Wood & Glass Bottle Vase.gif

I started by cutting the wood down to size. The top and bottom were just over 30cm long. I used the mitre saw to make sure they were all even.

In the top board I needed to drill 3 x holes for the bottle tops. The bottles I had needed holes around 3.5cm wide but this will totally vary depending on what bottle you use. I predrilled these holes to make it a little easier and ensure I get them even. I drew a central line to get the middle perfect. Then I took my hole saw set and widened the holes to make them big enough for the bottle.

Cris DIY1 year ago

Very nice job! :)

Swansong1 year ago

That's beautiful! I'd love to have something like this in the kitchen window :)

aCuriousCreator (author)  Swansong1 year ago

Thanks :) It's good fun to make and easy enough to make bigger or smaller! Thanks for commenting.