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Picture of Pallet Wood Cactus String Art

In this instructables I will show you how I made my pallet wood cactus string art. I've seen a few of these before and wanted to give it a try, and also I wanted to make something BIG. And this is huge. All in it probably took me around 5 hours including breaking down the pallet. Could have been quicker if I had planned it out more but I just made it up as I went along. It's relatively cheap to make just some pallet wood, some wool and nails. I had everything other than the wool already.

There is a video above and on YouTube you can watch if you want, might make some of the steps a little clearer.

For the project you will need;

Step 1: Breaking Pallets

Picture of Breaking Pallets

I started by breaking down a pallet. I did already have quite a large stock pile of mix match stock. But on the few others times I've done something big like this, I've found that getting all the wood from 1 pallet works best. This is partly because I don't have a thickness planer. During the glue up you want the front face to stay as flush as possible, in the past when I have used lots of different thickness pieces this is really hard to do.

I usually have to use a crowbar and break 1 or 2 boards per pallet, this one was unusually easy which made a nice change! I just used my hammer and pulled them all straight off, I only cracked one piece which I could sandwich in the middle to hold it together.

There are loads of videos online on the best way to break down a pallet, just use which ever way you are comfortable with. Other times when I'm in a rush and size doesn't matter you can just take a saw and trim off all the middle sections, but as I said I wanted to make this BIG. So I wanted to use the full pallet sizes. The boards were 120cm long, and all squeezed together they come in around 100cm wide.

Then I took the pallet wood over to my trestles to remove all the nails. Probably best to wear gloves for most of this process as some of these nails are very sharp, and very rusty. Most of them came out nice and clean, but if any of them stick I have a small punch to hand to help pull them out. Best to try and get rid them all as when sanding later they can really chew up your sander!

I did plan to use all these nails for the actual cactus art after getting rid of the rust, but in the end I did not even nearly have enough. I think that would have looked pretty cool but in the end happy with the new nails, as you can barely see them under the wool!

crazypj1 year ago

That's pretty cute especially when you mention the size. You could have made a diagram of 'weaving' before starting and had vertical sections looking like cactus 'ridges' although they could probably be added later with lighter or darker wool?

sudocraft1 year ago

absolutely lovely :) I know have an idea for my own reclaimed wood panel made out of pallet wood.

lion41 year ago

nice one

aCuriousCreator (author)  lion41 year ago

Thanks :)

Love the thumbnail for this, Edd! It was a cool project.