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Picture of Pallet Storage Shed

I found myself in need of storage for the mower and snowblower, but wanted it to differ from the cookie cutter storage sheds out there at every home improvement store. I love mixing mediums like metal and wood because they are eye catching. I drew this out on the sketch pad as I do with all my projects and went to work. The materials needed were 2 x 4’s for framing, treated plywood for floor, ceiling and walls, metal roofing panels, screws, pry-bar, sawzall, black paint, framing nail gun, and several pallets.

Step 1: Framing the Shed

Picture of Framing the Shed

I started by framing the shed to the length,height and width needed for the items I planned to store. Remember to account for the thickness of the wood when determining your final measurements. I used 2 x 4's for this framing and made sure to account for the door spaces when framing. After the 2 x 4's were secured using a nail gun I installed a plywood floor and plywood around the outside walls and roof. This was pressure treated plywood due to it being outdoors. I used 0.75 thickness treated ply. I then painted all the plywood on the exterior of the walls black. I knew that the pallet wood was imperfect, which would create gaps when installed, so used the black paint to improve the appearance where you could see the gaps.

seamster1 year ago

This looks great. I like the choice to include some metal, and the pocket door track idea is excellent.

MartyJ7 (author)  seamster1 year ago
Thanks, I appreciate it!
Great looking pallet project! I really like the contrast between the corrugated steel and the wood. Well done
MartyJ7 (author)  ClenseYourPallet1 year ago
Thank you for the feedback!