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Picture of Pallet Footlocker

Every went to Pinterest and been assaulted by thousands of pallet projects?

Well... here's one more!

This 30 inch footlocker is reminiscent of an ammo crate styling, with square sides.

This project was made entirely from pallets, all the wood and all the nails.

Step 1: Scavenge and Prepare

Picture of Scavenge and Prepare

There is a million and one ways to rip apart a pallet, so I'm not going into that... Just use a prybar and a hammer. You'll do fine after a couple of practice pallets.

Try and remove all nails before using the miter saw, wouldn't want to hit one of those with a blade!

Removing roughly 3-4 inches from each end of the pallet planks helps get rid of most the splintering and cracking action caused by too many nails in too brittle a wood