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Picture of Pallet Dismantler

Pallets are a great method of making projects cheaply.

The problem I have with pallets is are they are hard to get apart.

I was tired of breaking the pallets while I was dismantling them.

I searched the interweb for ideas. However, they were expensive.

Being a maker, I looked around and decided a garden fork could be modified, and I was confident it would be fit for the purpose.

Step 1: Tools used

Tools I used were:

A thin part off wheel on a 125mm grinder

Welder - I used a MIG

mil00332 years ago

Works really really really really well thanks bro

Alex in NZ2 years ago

This is brilliant. I've been toying with ideas for a pallet-breaker, but haven't liked any of the designs I've seen so far. Thank you :-)