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Picture of Pallet Dining Table With Solar Lights

This dining table can fit up to 8 people. It contains very discreet solar LED lights that charge during the day, and are ready to replace your candles for a nice dinner at night.

The wood used in this project is entirely from reclaimed pallets.

I was lucky enough to find pallets of various dimensions, so some adaptation may be needed depending on the types of pallets you have.

I did not make enough pictures of each step while working on my project, but I made sketchup files that you can download and see how I made it.

Step 1: Get the Design

Picture of Get the Design

I made a sketchup file of the entire project. It is attached so since I did not take pictures of every single step of my project, I recommend you download it and check every angle so that you understand how every piece is organized.

acontella1 year ago

What application do I need to read the sketchup files? I can't open them. Really, really would love to make this table some day; it's beautiful!

BleepToBleep (author)  acontella1 year ago

Simply use Sketchup Free, you can download it here:

Great looking pallet project! The lights really make it stand out
BleepToBleep (author)  ClenseYourPallet1 year ago
Thank you! The pictures in the dark don’t render that well though :)

Fun idea for making a unique table :D

BleepToBleep (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago
Thanks :)
What makes it really cool is that the lights are not noticeable when they are off. Ever since I discovered solar lights I have a tendency to put them everywhere :D