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Picture of Pallet Desk Clock

What inspired me?

Honestly, im not too sure what inspired me. I guess this was just another see something, make something project however, my brother clock had finally became outdated and he wanted to get rid of it, but I decided to claim it and make it into something he could use, a more modern, stylish product for his room.

What will you need?

-Jig saw or some other wood saw. Mitre saw would definitely be best.

-Sander of some sort or a wood file.

-75mm by 280mm by 20mm) wood

-Drill Driver

-4mm drill bit

-7mm drill bit

-75mm Screw

-Clock mechanism

-Wood stain or paint

Step 1: Step 1 - Sanding

Picture of Step 1 - Sanding

The first thing to do is find a bit of scrap wood that looks kind of messed up. Surface damage and knocks and scrapes will all add character to this clock, which may make it more attractive and focal. I found an old piece that was lying around which I used as a foundation for centre punching. Using the sander, I neatened it us as much as I could, without eating away at the dents in the surface. I made sure to sand the entire piece before cutting as once they become smaller, it would be more difficult to sand.