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Picture of Pallet Coffee Table

How to make a simple stylish pallet coffee table for loft or mancave without having a workshop.

Step 1: Tools

Tools needed:

  • pallet
  • caster wheels
  • tack cloth
  • screws 1/4 inch
  • screwdriver
  • power screwdriver
  • brush
  • paint brush

  • orbital sander

  • 80/150/220 grit sandpaper

  • woodstain

  • wood finish
dyermakerjb2 years ago

I think you skipped the step where you infilled the gaps in the boards. Not a bad looking project though, I love it!!

Espionage718 (author)  dyermakerjb2 years ago

It was no big deal. Just cut a board of the same size to make it fit in the gaps.

dkptown2 years ago

looks FAB

Espionage718 (author)  dkptown2 years ago

fo' shizzle

vimoralesg2 years ago

This is great, I really like it and will be my weekend father-son activity


Espionage718 (author)  vimoralesg2 years ago

Glad this project inspired you :)

Great looking pallet project.
Espionage718 (author)  ClenseYourPallet2 years ago


Sparvar2 years ago

It looks great! I love the simpleness of it. What size of casters did you use and did you get them at HD?

Espionage718 (author)  Sparvar2 years ago

Thank you!

yeah from HD. Everbilt 3 in. Steel Swivel Caster
daprice2 years ago

love pallet projects like this- biggest problem is finding a nice pallet like the one used that isn't cracked/split, etc. !

Espionage718 (author)  daprice2 years ago

Yes. It takes a while to find a good pallet

klr.rider.32 years ago

I may use the pallet I have not for a table, but to make an uber size dolley for moving stuff. I'll just have to get the heavy duty swivel casters good for some weight

Swansong2 years ago

That looks beautiful :) I love the dark stain with the old wood, our bedroom set is similar.

Espionage718 (author)  Swansong2 years ago


Yeah the dark stain is cool, but next time I will work with a lighter stain :)