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Picture of Padded Armrest For Truck

I recently went on a 1,300 mile trip in my new truck, and decided I needed a bit more padding in the door armrests. I tend to drive with my elbow resting on the door's armrest, and after a few hours began wishing I had a bit more padding there. I checked on the internet to see what might be available, but all the armrest pads I found either looked sort of junky, or required that I stick them on with adhesive tape.

There was one, however, that was perfect, only it wasn't offered for my particular truck (plus it cost $89 each!).

So, I decided I would make my own.

Step 1: Make a template

Picture of Make a template

The first thing I did was make a paper template based on the truck's armrest. I made one template, which could be flipped over for using on both the left and right armrests.

DennisM1811 year ago

I would be the one to use that project as a great excuse to start watching Craigslist for a heavy duty upholstery sewing machine to buy.... My dad had one.. The things I wish I'd thought of back when my parents sold their house and liquidated everything... I should have nabbed that sewing machine... :0)...

His was just like this...old treadle converted to electric.. I have a '68 Austin Healey Sprite, and I'd love to get one to make new leather seats... convertible tops, etc...

hd singer.jpg

This is a really good idea!!!

A Pics of it "slid" into the existing door pull area might explain how the rubber forms tension inside....