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Picture of PV Solar Tracker with ESP8266

I have 3 small solar panel on my yard which powers night lamps, 1 x 20 W and 2 x 10 W.

I've decided to make a solar tracker for the 20W one using the components that I have in my backyard.

The system functionality is as follows:

1. The brain - ESP 8266 board take the current hour from a dedicated php file hosted on my ISP provider. The frequency of accessing the php file is once per hour.

2. According to the scheduled hours the brain command the movement of a DC motor through a H-bridge. At the end of the day reset the panel position.

3. Light on and light off the 12V bulb at scheduled hours through an Arduino relay.

4. Has is own webpage for controlling the DC motor parameters, updating time manually, rotate the panel, light on, light off.

Step 1: Components used:

Picture of Components used:
dc motor label.JPG
gear detail.JPG
esp and h-bridge.JPG

A. Hardware

1. ESP8266 NodeMCU devkit.

2. DC roof motor salvaged from an old SMART FORTWO cabrio.

3. L298N H-bridge

4. Arduino relay shield

5. Metal frame for the PV panel. I use one from a kids bicycle.

6. Plastic case with tight lid for all the electronic components.

B. Software

1. Arduino IDE

2. Dedicated software, available here

3. Internet connection with wifi router

seamster2 years ago

Cool project!