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Picture of Oak & Concrete Dining Room Table
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This is one of those projects that started off with one idea and has evolved into something else over a 3 year period due to other projects coming and going, indecisiveness, costs and other things.

So about 5-6 years ago I bought a house, in that house is a dining room, but alas I had no dining room table. I wanted something fairly large to fit the space and I liked the idea of a large hardwood slab for the top.

At the time I had an idea to encase this slab in resin and polish it up nice and shiny, maybe add some inclusions to the resin too. Back then these resin tables were uncommon and I hadn't ever seen anything like that, just resin coated ones, unlike now where they're literally everywhere online and I've even made one myself for a coffee table using a Cherry slab (see other Instructable)

Anyway after a few years we'd decorated the dining room the time had come to build a table, sadly I had nothing and no one near me that I knew of that sold large wood slabs so I scoured the internet and eventually came across a chap in Cornwall on eBay selling 6 massive Oak slabs he's cut down years ago and had lying around ever since, drawback was Cornwall is 450 miles from where I live and these slabs were all 5-6ft tall and 40-50mm thick. Still I bought them all (why wouldn't you at £40 each?) and arranged a courier man to collect them all for me and bring them 450 miles back to my house .

With all the slabs back home I chose a good sized and shaped one and the 3 year build commenced!

Unfortunately at the beginning of this build I was so eager to get going I forgot to take photographs as I was progressing. As a result I have no photos at all of me making the legs, which took a while to complete, but I'll go through what I did and explain all my steps when it comes to that section.

Step 1: Materials, Tools & Equipment

Below is a list of everything I used to build this table as far as I can remember, this build was ongoing for 3 years so I may of missed out some stuff. As always this isn't a list of everything you absolutely need as there's always various ways of doing anything usually, but these are the things I used in my build.


  1. Oak Slab
  2. Old Oak Flooring
  3. Beech Lengths
  4. White Cement
  5. White Aquarium Sand
  6. Concrete Reinforcing Fibres
  7. 150mm Galvanised Coach Bolts
  8. Fine Glitter
  9. Decorative Stone Chippings
  10. Water
  11. Plasticiser
  12. 2400mm x 1220mm x 11mm Plywood Sheet
  13. 2400mm x 70mm x 50mm Pine Lengths x3
  14. Silicone Sealant
  15. Wood Glue - Gorilla / Titebond
  16. Epoxy Resin - Glass Cast E50/ Glass Cast 3

Tools & Equipment

  1. Router & Homemade Sleds
  2. Flat Bottomed Router Bit 38mm
  3. Circular Saw
  4. Table Saw
  5. Chop/Mitre Saw
  6. Mortise Machine
  7. Planer
  8. Thicknesser
  9. Random Orbit Sander x3 ( over 3 years 2 blew up with constant use)
  10. Wood Turning Lathe
  11. Belt Sander
  12. 125mm Angle Grinder
  13. Stone Polishing Pads 50-2000 Grit
  14. Stone Grinding Wheel
  15. Varying Grit Sanding Pads 80-400 Grit
  16. Ring Spanners
  17. Socket Set
  18. Drills - Cordless/Electric
  19. Drill Bits
  20. Pointing Trowel
  21. Mixing Paddle
  22. Spade
  23. Concrete Float
  24. Japanese Pull Saw
Besides the beauty of the table, I really like the level of detail the instructable, especially for the concrete part, that one I needed. Thumbs up, keep up the good work.
Thanks, I try and get everything I did in there so people can try things themselves if they want. Good luck with your concrete :)
CraftAndu16 days ago
Wow! This is one looong 'ible! You did an awesome job, kudos!
benjenky (author)  CraftAndu16 days ago
Haha thanks very much. It does go on a bit, wanted to make sure I’d covered everything.
perec320 days ago
What a work of love! Well done; it will last decades.
benjenky (author)  perec320 days ago
Thanks, I hope so it felt like a decade getting it finished at points
Shan8121 days ago
Absolutely stunning! I’ve seen similar work go for many thousands at my local antiques and craft dealership. This is by far some of the loveliest work I’ve seen on instructables.
benjenky (author)  Shan8120 days ago
Thanks that's nice of you to say. I'll have to make a truck a load and visit this craft fair.
Beautiful work, that is quite the project!
benjenky (author)  Distracted Maker20 days ago
Thanks very much :)
That looks great! I love the way the concrete came out :)
benjenky (author)  Penolopy Bulnick22 days ago
Thanks, for my first furniture concrete pour I’m pretty pleased with it