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I seem to have an affinity for making things or improving them. This is certainly true for wrenches used to remove and replace the oil filters on cars, tractors, and mowers, etc. I have an even dozen different wrenches for changing filters on all these different engines, and I'm not a professional mechanic. I just work on my own stuff.




Old 1/2" drive deep socket, size 11/16" or 3/4"

2.5" to 3" X 3/4" diameter black steel pipe. If you buy a new pipe nipple, you should buy a longer piece, so you can cut off the threaded ends of it.

A 2 foot piece of 2" wide seat belt strap.


Electric or Oxygen / Acetylene welder. I use a MIG welder.

Chop saw with 1/8" wide blade preferred, but you could use a hack saw and multi-blades to make cut 1/8" wide.

NMjack20001 year ago

What a way to get the job done when you do not have a right size oil filter wrench. Simply think about what needs done and then modify the way you can getter done. +++

the guy111 year ago

I've improvised and done this same sort of idea with a pair of visegrips

Billtco1 year ago

Why not just slot the deep socket and use a short extension? I don't have a welded right now.

sunshiine1 year ago

Nice hack Gray-dog~


Nate5b1 year ago
Nice! I used to use an old belt until the buckle strap broke. I'm going to have to try this come next oil change.

I did the same, only I used a vice-grip and used a 1/2" a rod as a heel that pressed against the belt and oil filter to not damage or picture oil filter....

kudos to you graydog111,... nice hack and thanks for sharing.

graydog111 (author)  Nate5b1 year ago
Thanks Nate5b. When you finish it, come back here and post it as “I made it”)
Gelfling61 year ago

Nice! I've whipped up a couple of fast versions of this, using a length of conduit, and an old seat belt. (new mechanic at a school bus yard didn't have a strap wrench, so I did a quick fabrication with spare parts) It's amazing, how simple it is, yet, how much strength it creates! (and I was 48 at the time.. LOL) (54 now)

graydog111 (author)  Gelfling61 year ago
Interesting gelfling6. Our minds are on the same wavelength
really an innovative idea..well done..
keets1 year ago

Smart idea!

What I often use is a old timing-belt. The tooth has a lot of grip.

graydog111 (author)  keets1 year ago

Thank you keets. Your timing belt would work great. Since I wrote this, I have made several of these & gave them to friends. I put one in each of our 2 vehicles & 1 with oil changing supplies. They will work great in tight quarters when other types will not.

deluges1 year ago

Smart! You got my vote

graydog111 (author)  deluges1 year ago

Thank you deluges