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Picture of My Top 14 Brake Replacement Tips

Video tutorial on the top 14 brake tips for both drum and disc brake assemblies on vehicles. This is a list of tips that I find important when maintaining the brakes on your vehicle. Please feel free to share your own tips as well in the comments below. These tips are extremely important as they will ensure the vehicle remains safe, while maximizing your braking performance.

Step 1: ​Tip #1

Picture of ​Tip #1

Determine your vehicle’s equipment, which can be found from the dealer, car forums, physically checking your vehicle's equipment or decoding a vehicle identification number. Does the vehicle equipped with abs, what diameter are the rotors and drums, thickness of the rotors, etc.

aaahotdog1 year ago

#7 if retaining screw is a phillips, dip the phillips bit in valve grinding compound. This stuff will make a screwdriver bit grip the head like you would not believe. The head will be less likely to be stripped out.

I've heard of the concept before with specific products, but the valve grinding compound is probably the cheap way to do it right. Only problem with this is that it's the type of tip you only tend to remember after stripping the bolt head. A bit like using the blowtorch on seized bolts. The best tip really is just to use an impact screwdriver in the end.

Yup, that is what I am talking about. You put a dap of valve grinding compound on the phillips bit on your impact screwdriver. It will bite like crazy

4DIYers (author)  aaahotdog1 year ago

Now that's an awesome tip, I'll have to try it. Thank you for sharing!

NOTE: #4 very important if dealing with abs. open bleeder behind piston before compressing. if you do not there is a very good chance you will force the fluid back through the abs unit and break the small seals or valves inside (depending on design) a very costly repair (your brakes will still function but the abs will not)