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Picture of Music Festival Drink Holder

Tired of holding your drink, want to buy food but you don't have enough hands, want to roll your cigarette or just move from one stage to another freely ? Behold fellow music festival lovers, the Drink Holder has arrived !

In European music festivals, we have those so called eco-cups (plastic glass that are reusable) that don't vary much in size from one place to another. So, why not create a drink holder compatible with a lot of different sizes to free your hands during your favorite event ?

For this project, I was limited by the size of my 3D printer, a small printrbot simple with a printing area of 10x10cm. Therefore this drink holder cannot hold more than a 25cl glass (I see you all laughing "haha, real men only drink pints" but hey, that's a first try ;) )

The CAD files are in step 1. Feel free to modify it, and of course any advice and feedback will be much appreciated :)

What you will need for this project :

  • A 3D printer, or you can use 3D Hubs for exemple ;
  • 40cm of strap you can find in any local store. I used a 30mm wide, but you can go up to 40 ;
  • A sewing needle and some sewing thread.

Step 1: Print and get the parts

Picture of Print and get the parts

With the STL files below, you will have no problem to print in a 10x10x10 volume. I used a 30% infill and 2 passes for the perimeters, with 3 solid layers for both the top and the bottom. No support needed.

  • POR_000.stp is the main assembly in step file, you can open it in nearly every CAD software
  • The 3 files below are the one you can print as it is :
    • POR_001.stl is the holder
    • POR_003.stl is the top part
    • POR_004.stl is the buckle
  • PG Drink is the archived folder of the assembly in Autodesk Inventor format (.iam for assembly and .ipt for part).

You can modify the part as you like, easier to do if you have Inventor (maybe the parts format is compatible with Autodesk Fusion 360 that is free but I did not check).

You will also need :

  • 40cm of strap you can find in any local store, I used a 30mm wide, but you can go up to 40 ; You can buy 1m for example and then easily cut it again at home to suit your build.
  • A sewing needle and some sewing thread.

Clever! Hands free and it never spills.

spordan1 (author)  DIY Hacks and How Tos3 years ago

Thanks !

Nice Ible man! I have a couple questions about the 3d printer. I purchased what looks to be the same one from a 3rd party but he didn't have any software or programs for it. so my question is what drivers and programs do you use for this printer? I've tried a few but they never seem to be completely compatible. Any info would be a great help. Thanks
spordan1 (author)  fleshbag3 years ago

Hi ! Thanks :)

I use Repetier Host for the software and Repetier firmware for the printer. If you want I can send you some screenshots in pm of the configuration I have in Repetier Host, maybe it can help. I bought it from a friend that configured it, and he also added a heated bed. For the slicing software, I use Slic3r, it works well for the moment

That would be awesome! Let me know what I need to do. Thanks again