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What i used

1 douglas fir board 1 inch thick and 6 inches wide

1 douglas fir board 1/2 inch thick 6 inch wide

Thickness planer

Sanding grits - 120, 180, 240, 360, 400, 600

sanding sealer

suede tex and glue

wood glue

Spray Lacquer

Step 1:

Picture of

For this project i used 2 Douglas fir boards one 1 inch thick and 1 1/2 inch thick both 6 inches wide.

I cut the 1 inch board into 5 x 12 inch sections these will be the top bottom and 3 drawer sections. I also 2 x 12 of the 1/2 inch boards these will go between the draw sections.

I put all the boards though the thickness planer before putting them in the order i wanted them to be placed in box.

pcdoc7220 days ago
Are plans with measurements, especially the hidden drawers, available?
I would like to make this box.
Incredible! It feels very whimsical to me and the red inside the drawers is a nice finishing touch!
Something for a Crazy Scientist!
Alex in NZ24 days ago
What a beautiful piece. The huge drawer is an amazing idea and so well done. The little pinch-handles at the front of some of the drawers are really neat too. Thank you for sharing this :-)
cneibarger24 days ago
I love boxes and this is the box to end all boxes! So beautiful! So functional! I got a band saw for Christmas and havnt used it yet for anything other than piddly stuff. This is going to be my first real project! Thank you so much for sharing!
BayRatt25 days ago
WOW!! That is one of the most fascinating and beautiful creations I've ever seen.

razzman25 days ago
Whoa, this was very very nice. A lot of imagination and skill.
keets26 days ago
I can't stop looking at it! Really nice. It's art.
Fantastic! Absolutely a great job!
Cliffsclips26 days ago
What a great project well thought out and looks great. Thank you for sharing.
seamster26 days ago
I love seeing clever new takes on classic projects - and this is exactly that. Well done, definitely a new favorite for me. Thank you for sharing this!! : D
bakichmg26 days ago
I have make a few bandsaw boxes. But this one is AMAZING!! WOW!! I simply love it!! Thanks for sharing, but that is way beyond my skill set. LOL Keep up the great work!!