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Picture of Mio for Me (oh)
OK, the title's stupid.

I really like the Mio Flavored Water Enhancer ("Enhancer"? Really?), but I'm not particularly fond of the price or the flavor selections (I can't stand Fruit Punch and the last Strawberry Watermelon tasked like it was contaminated by the mold release used on the package). In looking at the package though, it seemed as if it could be reused if I only had something to put into it. It turns out that some of the flavor packets sold in my local grocery store work perfectly.

So, why go through all this in the first place? Well, there are a couple of reasons ...

First, I really like the convenience of the Mio squirt containers, but as I said, I'm not in love with the selection of flavors. And I like many of the flavors of the other available drink mixes (can you tell where I live from the product picture?) but they're intended to be made up in 16 oz quantities (small serving size) to 64 oz quantities (large serving size). I usually only want 8 oz. Furthermore, I generally don't like my drinks cloyingly sweet; I want just enough flavor to add some taste to my drink (I use about half of what the serving sizes call for). So a squeeze container of other flavors would be perfect.

This begs the question of why not just get a different container? Honestly, I probably could, but all the containers that were easily (and locally) available didn't have the handy seal that the Mio containers do (if you've used one, you know what I mean). There are probably containers that have a similar seal, but at a certain point it takes way too much effort to find them. And besides, I'm reusing a container instead of throwing it away. That's gotta count for something.

The second big reason is cost. One of these containers costs about $3.50 in my local grocery store. The two drink containers in the picture cost about $1.50 and $2.00 respectively and each will refill the repurposed Mio container three times (translated: it's MUCH cheaper).

So, how do we do re-purpose the container?

Step 1: Set up

Picture of Set up
First, let's assemble our materials. We're going to need [at least] one of the Mio containers. The best way to get one is purchase it and proceed to enjoy the wonderful liquid water enhancement it provides. When it's empty, save it. Once you've got the container, you'll need to head to your local megamart and purchase a package of drink mix. My wife likes the Raspberry Lemonade, but I'm really partial to the Passion Fruit. Go with what you like. You'll also need a knife (to cut off the exterior label), a small container to mix the drink syrup in (mine's an old sterile specimen container that used to hold hops from when I homebrewed), and a whisk for stirring.

The drink containers in the picture (Raspberry Lemonade and Passion Fruit) has six packets each of which makes 8 cups. Each Mio container makes 24 cups. Theoretically, you could use 3 packets at a time and have exactly the same serving size. Personally, that doesn't work for me as there isn't enough water to dissolve the mix (and still stay under the capacity of the Mio container). Hopefully this will become clearer in a later step. Nonetheless, using two packets gives you a minimum of 16 servings, and in my case it's closer to 30 servings (like I said, I don't like it super sweet).
I vape probably 20mL of Propylene glycol a day... literally no adverse reactions. They use PG because of what problem it solves-Keeping things nicely dissolved. Replacing a portion of water with food grade PG would allow a user to easily dissolve the flavorings. Will be trying this hack soon.
cokecola7 years ago
Anything is better than drinking Mio. It contains a carcinogen propylene glycol. That's the stuff in antifreeze.
Ethylene Glycol is a highly toxic and chemically similar compound previously used as the active ingredient in antifreeze and deicing fluids. It is almost universally replaced with the much safer Propylene Glycol, which has been approved for use by the FDA as a direct food additive. Try *a little* research next time.
It may not cause cancer, but there are other potentially adverse reactions. Personally, I am very sensitive to it, it makes my throat very sore if I drink or inhale products containing it like breath sprays or those E-Cigs (I tried those to help me quit smoking, but found that going it on my own worked better). Unfortunately, though, there haven't been enough long term studies to determine what the effects will be past a couple decades of exposure, so, like every miracle chemical, this may turn out to be tomorrow's DDT or sommat.
I know this is an old instructable, and comment thread, but for those reading here now, propylene glycol has been around since the 1920's, is used in everything from most flavorings, to fog machines, to halo sanitizers in hospitals and daycare centers. It is completely safe unless you have an allergy to it (much like penicillin).

Your body processes it into lactic acid (which your body produces on it's own anyway) and excretes it through your urine.

I should think that in 90+ years of exposure and use with no ill effects, we can check this off as being safe (unless, of course, you have an allergy to it).