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Picture of Mini Pallet Coasters
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Make these awesome mini pallet coasters using just some glue and popsicle sticks. They're really easy and cheap to make and they look great around wooden or pallet furniture. They also make great gift wrap bases for soaps, bath bombs or other homemade gifts.

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Step 1: What You're Going to Need

Picture of What You're Going to Need

Besides glue and popsicle sticks, you'll need a few tools to help you out. Here's what you'll need to make your mini pallet coasters:

  • 15 Popsicle sticks per coaster
  • Wood glue or glue gun
  • Ruler & pencil or marker
  • Scissors or craft knife or side cutters

You can decide whether to use wood glue or a glue gun, wood glue will last longer but it takes longer to make a coaster as you have to wait for the glue to dry between steps. The glue gun is much quicker but your coasters may collapse if you leave them in the sun or if you put something really hot on them. A mug of coffee or tea is usually fine as the mug doesn't make contact all around the coaster and the wood keeps the heat from reaching all of the joints.

I've also said that you can use scissors, a craft knife or side cutters. The scissors are by far the hardest to use, popsicle sticks are quite strong. The craft knife is a bit easier but you need strong matt to cut on. The easiest thing to use is a good strong pair of side cutters or workshop scissors.

davelamorte made it!1 month ago
I put a clear coat on mine. I might experiment with different kinds of wood.
ME20072 months ago
They look so cool
jimmcneil21 year ago

I have a friend who has a camp on a lake, he has lots of homemade pallet furniture, I'm going up in the middle of August for a guys weekend, I think I'll make him some, thanks for the clever idea, something you should consider, take a piece of scrap wood and cut 3 grooves in it to hold the sticks upright, its will make gluing them together easier, my hands shake holding small pieces..................necessity really is, the mother of invention

3DSage1 year ago

It's so simple yet so effective! It turned out great, thanks for sharing this.

Glumgad1 year ago

A nice thing, which makes a home party unique.