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Picture of Midi-Greedy Mixing Desk
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I wanted to build a mixing desk with integrated speakers that meets my own expectations in size and quality. A mixing desk always ready-to-use whenever i am in the mood for being creative or simply feel like listening to my favorite music, but not simply on the stereo. So that’s why i built my midi-greedy mixing desk.

In this description, i am showing you how far i built this mixing desk until today. There is still a sub-construction to be built, so that my mixing desk doesn’t have to be placed on my desk, but can stand on its own feet :-)


Circular hand saw, jigsaw, router, cordless screwdriver, grinding machine.


Chipboard (2 cm / 0.79 in), MDF (0.2 cm / 0.08 in), base coat, varnish, sandpaper (coarse and fine), buttons, potis, fader, cable, class-D amplifier, stereo speakers, arduino, conductor board, multiplexer.

Step 1: Base plate

Picture of Base plate

First, i cut the base plate. I used the size of 160 x 50 cm (about 63 x 19.7 in), which you can adapt for your needs, of course. As i wanted to use the space as my work plate, i made the cut-outs for the depth of the base plate very late (see step 9).

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  • lgn6313 years ago

    Great build, but wish you would've added in an electronics diagram or fritz of the schematic

    Mopete (author)  lgn6313 years ago

    Hi Ign631,

    i am very pleased to hear that you like my build. I will try to add the information you asked for as soon as possible. I hope that i may ask for your patience until then.

    lgn631 Mopete3 years ago

    Go ahead and take your time, a well-done project always takes a long time to be thorough

    numigog3 years ago

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    tjdux3 years ago
    As a woodworker I enjoy seeing woodworking projects. But I really wanted to see how you built the electronics. Or at least some links to others that have. You mentioned many good tutorials online for this. Could you update with some links?
    Mopete (author)  tjdux3 years ago

    Hi tjdux,

    as i updated my instructable in step 13, i will add the schematics and description for the electronic parts as soon as possible. Thank you for your comment on that.

    mm213 years ago
    Great idea. Please post the electronics links and connections.
    Mopete (author)  mm213 years ago

    Thank you. I will add further steps for the schematics as soon as possible.

    shakomako3 years ago

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    makeosaurus3 years ago
    I really want the electronics as well :(
    I love it. Wouldn't work on my desk (synth in the way), but really neat!