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Picture of Meowsic Keyboard Output Jack
When Wilgubeast told me about the supremely annoying Meowsic Keyboard that played cat meows instead of tones, I knew I had to have one. Two days before Christmas I obsessively tracked it down to Target. I then obsessively visited five stores overrun with tumultuous hordes of holiday shoppers until I finally found a store that still had 3 in stock. I snatched one and headed immediately for the register. The checkout clerk, assuming this was surely a gift for a small child, asked if I wanted a bag in which to hide it. I told him it was not necessary. I knew the truth. I was a grown man buying a meowing cat keyboard with the intent of modifying it to play loudly through a distortion pedal during an underground rock show at Frenzy's house in Oakland.

The show went about as well as one might expect it would when someone is playing a meowing cat keyboard through a distortion pedal and a megaphone. We tried people's patience. I think our band may only have 8 lives left.

Nonetheless, I would be remiss if I didn't show you how to add an output jack and volume knob such that you too can use it to make a terrible racket at underground rock shows in Oakland.

Step 1: You will need

Picture of You will need
Go get stuff:

- Meowsic Keyboard
- 100K potentiometer
- 100K resistor
- 10uF capacitor
- SPDT toggle switch
- 1/4" mono jack
- A knob
- shrink tube (or electrical tape)
Mikkel Just6 months ago
Hope this can help you figureout what i did wrong
And from another side
randofo (author)  Mikkel Just3 months ago
I am not sure. Those connections look correct. Maybe the value of the potentiometer is different...?
rlpittsjr3 months ago
Hoping I can get some help. Trying to get the headphone jack to work. Switch dies work as it cuts the sound from the keyboard speaker but cannot get any sound from the headphone jack.

Have some pics if you have a moment to look.

Thank you.

- Robert
Either I hit the potentiometer or the fact I did no grounding?
randofo (author)  rlpittsjr3 months ago
The potentiometer definitely needs to be grounded to a ground connection on the circuit. Also, make sure that you have the polarity correct on the capacitor.
Mikkel Just6 months ago
Hi i tried to make it but it seems like when i connect the 10uf to the audio Jack theres a flaw the smallest tuch Will make it disconnect the audio im not sure what im doing wrong Hope you can help me out :)
Seems like we have the same issue. Did you ever get an answer or figure it out?
807501 year ago

The 8 bit guy did the same thing but with a different output and sound comes from the output and the keyboard itself. It also haves a volume nob.

Queenager made it!2 years ago

what can I say? It worked! Thanks so much! At first I thought I was starting this account to say thanks for this project only, but this site has proven a great rabbit hole for a new hobby of circuit bending!

Sweet easy starter mod!

randofo (author)  Queenager2 years ago

Glad it worked out for you!

Eduardo734 years ago
My son & I completed this Mod this weekend. Amazing project, thank you so much for sharing your instructions!


skinniwini2 years ago

I saw it on sale in the target for 24.95 locally, I know I will pick one up. want to ask is this hack the output can external record on the computer? Thanks in advance. Thank you for awesome instruction! This will be my first electronic hack.

NoynonMayta4 years ago


bpope55 years ago

Yet another grown man buying one for himself here. A very useful mod that I plan to do as well. I wish there was a simple way to add midi in and out. That would be pretty crazy, huh?

powerman6666 years ago
I bought one these toys just to do this. Thanks for the excellent instructable.
ok so your tweeting porn was grose but you like cats and keyboards so you must be cool=)
SHIFT!7 years ago
Ooh, I literally just got my cousin one of those for christmas! Except instead of a cat it's a zombie that screams bloody hell every time you play the notes.

Any chance I might see a video demonstration of this build? Would love one.
foobear7 years ago
wantz one of those so bad, fur real
JuCo7 years ago
AGH! i have that keyboard! mine's green and purple, though. got it for 25 cents at a salvation army. i've been meaning to do something to it/with it.... an output being one of the things, so thanks for the walkthrough.

p.s.- is your mic all shorted out and crackly, too?
randofo (author)  JuCo7 years ago
Nope. mic is working as it should.
JuCo randofo7 years ago
alright. it was probably just used and abused by the youngster that had it before me.
The Rambler7 years ago
Bahaha! This is hilarious. My son got this keyboard for Christmas and now I really want to hear it with distortion! Of course I'm pretty sure my wife loves it more than he does, so she might have a problem with that. You should post a video so we can all hear the wonderful racket it makes.
Best keyboard every!
BTrey7 years ago
The Instructable is cool but
Best. Intro. Ever.
omnibot7 years ago
Sweet, how does it sound?
This is great. I absolutely love these keyboards. :D