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Picture of Maleficent Headpiece using Cardstock

Maleficent is badass! I made this headpiece for my Halloween costume, and it turned out to be pretty sturdy after all the layers of work.

Step 1: Cut paper strips for the horns

Picture of Cut paper strips for the horns

Cut strips of cardstock in the following:

1 strips with 7cm width per horn (cut 2cm tall slits as shown in diagram)

9 strips with 4cm width per horn

4 strips with 3cm width per horn

3 strips with 2cm width per horn

3 strips with 1.5cm width per horn

1 strips with 1cm width per horn

This is an approximation, you might need a few more or less.

Leirabeaaar8 months ago
How long are your strips?
30768502 years ago

I love it

Very creative and lightweight. Beautiful!!

Hi, I'm magness, and I just signed up, and as I was strolling through I saw your beautiful horns, they look pretty. and BADASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

kylegilbert2 years ago
Really nice how you used the string to add the detail! Cool idea!
Very cool strategy for the horns. Thanks for sharing.
Cats Dragon2 years ago

Very nice, and easy to follow instructions. Thanks for posting. I especially like that you used regular items found at home to make the horns.

That looks really nice. You should enter this in the Hats and Headpieces contest.