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I am a big steampunk geek. I absolutely love the steampunk aesthetic, the use of contrasting metals and the flair of ornamentation on what would otherwise be purely functional pieces of machinery. Unfortunately, we cannot all access a metal shop to create custom steampunk props, so I have created a tutorial that uses much more accessible materials and the wonder of metallic paint to create the steampunk vibe.

Here are the tools and materials I used:

  • Pattern: I used the one that I created. You can find it on my website. When you print it, measure against the print guides to know the scale is correct. ** When printing, make sure scale is set to ACTUAL SIZE**
  • 12mm EVA Foam: I used two sheets of the EVA puzzle piece foam floor mats that are commonly available. Each sheet was 62cm (24”) square.
  • 2mm EVA foam: The larger the sheets, the better. This allows you to cut long strips without needing to splice shorter ones together.
  • Very Sharp Knife: If it is not really sharp you will have a terrible time when you are cutting the foam. I use a surgical scalpel for the thinner foam and tight corners and a utility knife for the long straight edges on the 12mm foam.
  • Gluing Surface: A surface that the hot glue won’t stick to - The ultimate surface is a silicone baking mat - nothing sticks to silicone!
  • Hot Glue Gun : I highly suggest a glue gun that has adjustable temperature. If you use a temperature just a little bit higher than the melting point of the glue, you will have fewer burnt fingers, and not have to hold pieces together as long as they cool.
  • Contact cement (optional): I recommend a water based contact cement for this as it is much less toxic.
  • Paint: I like to use artists acrylic paint. It tends to remain a little bit flexible when it dries. I used Liquitex Basics: Mars Black and Burnt Umber as well as DecoArt Americana Decor Metallics: Vintage Bronze, Silver, and Pewter Wire: I used 4m of old telephone wire, But whatever you have available will work.
  • Copper tape: The copper tape I used was 2” wide. You will need a minimum of 6 metres(16ft)
  • Old Power Cord: 40cm.
  • Rubber Gloves: Used for applying the metallic paste.
  • “1/2 inch” PVC conduit: To make the barrels of the gun - the pipe I used has an outside diameter of 20mm
  • “1/2 inch” PEX pipe: this is a thinner pipe used for the 9 cylinders - the pipe I used has an outside diameter of 16mm
  • Golf club tube: Cheap lightweight tubes that golfers use to separate clubs- used for the scope
  • 3” PVC end cap: this will be used to create the trigger guard.
  • Saw that will cut PVC: I used my jewellers saw with a wax cutting blade.
  • Respirator: To wear when bending the PVC as well as when heating the EVA foam. Dust Mask: To use when sanding the foam so you don’t breathe the dust. Make sure you have the proper filters for the substance you are working with.
  • Heat Gun : I used the Furno 700 which was provided to me by Wagner. Used to bend the PVC pipe
  • Thick gloves: To wear when using the heat gun on the PVC pipe. Sandpaper (80 grit and 150 grit): To roughen up the foam for gluing and to smooth the foam surface.
  • Abrasive scrub pad (optional): For texturing the copper tape
  • Hole punches: 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm
  • Wire Cutters Pliers: To bend the wire.
  • Super Glue: For gluing the wire to the foam.
  • 5 minute 2 part epoxy: For making decorative rivets and gluing some pieces.
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Cutting Surface: Somewhere to cut where you won’t be destroying anything.
  • Tubing cutter (optional): To cut the PVC and PEX pipe.
  • Electric carving knife (optional) : Great for shaping the stock.

Please note, the above links are affiliate links, and I do get a small commission if you buy through these links. It doesn't cost you any more and it helps me out!

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Gorgeous work. Love the swirly bits and the overall flair. Great write up as well.
It's nice and nice, but it's a little troublesome. I'm suggesting that you explain more and if you put the movie better, I would be so grateful that you follow me. Hope to be successful.
Looks like a lot of work - but the end result looks awesome.
Randomona6 days ago
Holy cow that looks amazing :p Gave me many ideas, thank you!
LostWax (author)  Randomona4 days ago
Glad it was helpful and inspiring! THanks for having a look:)
AlexT3065 days ago
This is amazing!
LostWax (author)  AlexT3064 days ago
THank you!
You do beautiful and excellent work. Thank you for being good at what you do. I particularly appreciate your focus on communicating safe material handling.
LostWax (author)  hartmannsclass4 days ago
Thank you! Yeah, ever since my son was diagnosed with cancer, I have been a lot more thoughtful about minimising exposure to things that have the possibility of causing long term problems. It is just so easy to overlook safety in the rush to complete a project, but it is not worth it. - Oh, and my son is now cancer free and doing great!
plendl8 days ago
wicked mate :)
tobawolf9 days ago
beautiful job, truly amazing!
LostWax (author)  tobawolf8 days ago
jeanniel19 days ago
I hope you get to enter this into some contest as it's TRULY COOLLY STEAMPUNK! We had a class in prop-making, and this would have really caused a stir! Great use of foam and the copper tape idea - innovative.
LostWax (author)  jeanniel18 days ago
Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it!!
zakbobdop9 days ago
Now to make one that shoots nerf darts :D
(Don't bring this through airport security XD)
TomHering10 days ago
Great work!Looks very impressive.
LostWax (author)  TomHering9 days ago
Thank you!