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Picture of Make Your Own Speakers From Scrap

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make your own speaker when its damaged and this can be made from scrap just we need CFL , magnets etc. to make this and we can make this run using an AUX cable.This is a scientific project and as the volume is not too much high you will need to run it on full volume or play it with radio that contains a nice amplifier.I may try to explain you the scientific reason behind this.Here's is a video of it working:-

Step 1: Things Required To Make This

Picture of Things Required To Make This

For this to be made we need:-

  1. A cup made of paper in the last second step I would explain you to make it when not having a paper cup.
  2. Insulated copper wire (take it from old cfl or from ting-tong bell)
  3. Magnet(we can get it easily from market)
  4. AUX cable
  5. AUX cable port(get it from old radio)
  6. Duct tape
  7. Paper Sheets.

That's all we need for this.

mohanbhai3 years ago
very nice idea. .....can I give external power to the coil instead of mobile battery so that I can increase volume. .....if anyone knows please share it
sbenne2313 years ago

Thanks for the great info and explanations of how it works!

teey4 years ago

its a cool cheap way to make a speaker ;)

Saiyam4 years ago
This looks like a good idea!
Gursimran Singh 425 (author)  Saiyam4 years ago

Thanks friend !

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