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Picture of Make Your IP Stay the Same
If you every used a program that required an IP address to use it (i.e VNC, and almost all other remote services) you probally know it is very annoying having to ipconfig your computer to get the IP. This is a way to keep your IP the same! And this is my first instructable so sorry if its to long or short! ;)

Step 1: Searching for DNS, IP Addrees, Subnet Mask, and Gateway

Picture of Searching for DNS, IP Addrees, Subnet Mask, and Gateway

You may know it but it never hurts to double check!

go to Start > Run > CMD > Ok

now type "ipconfig /all" without the quotes (" ")

find the IP address, Subnet Mask, Defult Gateway, and the DNS Server (most people have 1 but there can be more). KEEP THIS OPEN!!!

harley918 years ago
Not bad, a suggestion if you need to change your ip from dchp to static often that is much faster. I use a batch file using the netsh command. The reason you would need to do this might be (as in my case) I use dchp most of the time at home and at school. However sometimes I need a static ip address for running specific programs that use specific ports that need to be forwarded. Vista (and I think xp) has an alternate configuration so when you move acrost networks it used dchp on the dchp networks and static for the static ones. In my situation this doesn't work because my home network is dchp and I use it that way most of the time. The batch file works well and when switching a lot it saves time. I always run as admin just to be sure it works.