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Picture of Make Esp8266 Dev Board From Scratch

Hi All,
ESP8266 needs no introduction. It is the cheapest WIFI module available and one can find many interesting projects online. ESP8266 has many variants starting from ESP01 to ESP13 (getting added every few months) I got really excited watching few applications of ESP8266 and bought a ESP12E module

It was not easy to work with this module as the pins are not breadboard friendly or PCB friendly. I had to build a custom dev board to test it out. I could not afford to buy a ready to use ESP8266 dev board, as these are very expensive, in India. And there is no fun in it

To get started with this module, I had to pick information from several post/blogs etc. In this instructable I will consolidate all info, issues and their solutions, I discovered during build and testing.....

Step 1: What do we need ?


  1. ESP12E - ESP8266 Module
  2. FTDI RS232TL
  3. Double sided Prototype PCB
  4. 3.3 V Regulator
  5. Resister : 10k(4) 1K(1)
  6. Red Led
  7. Male and female Header
  8. Wires
  9. Push button
  10. On /Off Switch
  11. Capacitor - 10uF, 100uF
  12. 3 AA battery holder


  1. Soldering Iron, Flux, Soldering Wire
SayantanM41 year ago

where the other end of the 10K resistor at gpio 15 would go???

Amit_Jain (author)  SayantanM41 year ago
to ground
skinoxtech2 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Amit_Jain (author)  skinoxtech2 years ago
aliexpress/ ebay
johna151 made it!3 years ago

Thank you !

You help me so much :) :)

i dont need regulator because i have a power supply but your circuit diagram help me much :)

Amit_Jain (author)  johna1513 years ago
You are welcome
JoeDSM3 years ago

Cool project, I plan on building one myself in such a way that I can pop on and off esp modules without soldering. Can you help me understand why I wouldn't want to use usb to power the dev board? I have an "off the shelf" dev board that I have programmed and powered through usb and I see people all over youtube doing this so I am not sure why I wouldn't do the same if I am building it myself.

Amit_Jain (author)  JoeDSM3 years ago
hi JoeDSM, yes the USB power works. I initially used it on this board as well. But flashing does not work after some time with USB powered. I had to use external power and It worked almost every time.

From my experience of you have flashed node MCU firmware, USB powered module works fine for uploading lua scripts.

Another point is sometimes these modules a lot of current and my old laptop could not supply enough, so the esp module goes in reset loop.....