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Jug fishing for catfish can be a fun and exciting way to catch catfish. Whether you want to catch a huge mess of smaller catfish or catch a monster trophy blue or flathead catfish this can be a good way to catch them.

There are several different approaches to catfishing with juglines and one popular way is to use drifting or free floating catfish jugs in shallow water, and these are also the easiest to make of the different types of catfish jugs there are.

This is a great way to get kids interested in fishing and very exciting to do if you have never fished this way before.

In this video we walk you through the process of making free floating or drifting catfish jugs for jug fishing.

007catfish0077 months ago
Chad what bait do you make ? and where can it be bought?
JACKBARRY6 years ago
i do the same using 3 litre milk bottles
very effective
SIRJAMES098 years ago
the way you explained how to make those things was good, but the bigger guy would be better off making the video by himself. He was more professional than the other guy.

because of the antics of the other guy, I give you 1.5 stars.could have been morre if not for him.