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Picture of Magnetic Bottle Opener
I found a pretty cool beer bottle opener at a flea market and I figured I would just slap it to a piece of wood. Then Pinterest happened and I saw all of these designs and found the one with a magnet hidden in the wood and I figured I would give it a try, so here it is!!!

Step 1: Tools Needed

Picture of Tools Needed
Miter saw, hammer, chisel, hole saw, stain, gorilla glue, and poly, or you could just not be me and get a router. I keep procrastinating.
BaznSuz made it!4 months ago
I made this a while ago, before I saw this post. It's made from pallet wood put through the planer/thicknesser. I used a 30mm round neodimium magnet, drilled a matching recess in the back using a 30mm forstner bit. Having made a prototype without the catch tray, I found that after a few bottle tops had been caught, occasionally one would drop off onto the floor - hence the Mk2 with tray, 'cos my old bones don't like bending down

This should be a staple in any garage or mancave. Thankfully they're comercially available too.