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The Logitech X-530 is a 5.1 speaker system was sold by Logitech around the year 2005. This system had a great price/performance ratio – but it came with one annoying design flaw. Here is what I experienced with it:

  • Turning the volume to minimum you were able to listen to foreign shortwave radio stations
  • Switching nearby lights on/off creates a loud “popping” sound on the speakers
  • I use powerLAN in my house, therefore I heard static in the lower quarter of the speakers volume range (on the potentiometer knob) – this got louder the more I downloaded or used bandwidth

Other users experienced an additional static noise when turning the speakers louder, and so on. This affected users worldwide. Logitech first denied a flaw in their product, but had to ultimately admit it and was granting refunds.

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This instructable should guide you through the patching of the speaker to (at least in my case) eliminate all disturbing and unwanted noises from the speaker system.

Thanks to following sources for guiding me to the solution of this problem:

Step 1: You will need:

  • The satellite speaker with the volume control knob on it
  • a phillips PH1 screwdriver
  • a flat screwdriver
  • a short wire
  • soldering iron
  • optional: soldering flux and soldering agent, multimeter

Difficulty level: Beginner

Time needed: 1 ½ h (including testing, dis-&reassembling)

JosephY16 months ago
Thank you for this tutorial! Do you happen to have the wiring schematic for the x530? Specifically the 15 pin layout. I'm trying to mod it with bluetooth. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, again.
Hooin Kyoma (author)  JosephY16 months ago
I think I got it here at the time I wrote my instructable:
Sorry, I looked but I wasn't able to find a schematic of the speaker system.
Thank you for your reply. I'm about to add a bluetooth device to my speaker system. Helps to have a community like this. Thanks again!
bigtweety9 months ago
Thank you.
I finally stopped having heart seizures every time a light was turned on/off in another room (*POP!*).

I had looked all over for a solution to this problem (admittedly years later), and although I found a few forums about the issue, this is the only place, which gave a solution.

Note for others : I tried pin 10 at first and it didn't work. then I had to remove some glue to have access to some of the soldering, it ripped off 2 cables and one resistor (that glue was a pain), soldered all those back, then used pin 9 and it worked like a charm (removed 99% of the POP sound) although strangely enough (or could be my faulty re-soldering) the sub-woofer is not as loud (used to be too loud for my use anyways).

Thanks again.
Bojan11 year ago

So far, I repair over 10 peaces of X-230 and couple of X-530 speakers. In 99% cases there was break in 3,5mm audio cable, not from external damage, it was from inside shortage, my opinion is that logitech has used too thin cables, and when you have weak sound card, or put volume down in aplication or Windows, but turn volume up on speaker potentiometer, he try to convert small mV input power to higher output, and audio cable is burned.

This was first time that i have problem with popping sound, thanks for fix.
Logitech has deleted official forum thread and fix from there site.

fhqwgadss2 years ago

I did far so good. Thanks!

CrispyB13 years ago

Thanks Hooin, I got my set from a friend, had the same problem and this fixed it for me, very happy with the speakers again ;-)

Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing.