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Picture of Lobster Trap

Hi everyone,

So excited to share my first Instructable!!!

Here it goes and hopefully if you have some time to kill this winter you will be ready for lobstering the ol' fashioned way.

Step 1: Step 1: Build the Frame

Picture of Step 1:  Build the Frame

So in my research I found that the old style traps where made of oak or beech. I found pallets of oak and ripped them apart.

I measured a three foot metal trap to get my dimensions so when I bought the "guts" of the trap they would fit.

So there are certain regulations traps must adhere to so the runners at the bottom have to 3/4 inch thick so I made my bottom runners that width so I didn't have to add any more wood at the end.

To build the frame I used three inch deck screws with pilot holes.

The netting you see there is stapled on with stainless steel staples and webbing from broken traps that I salvaged.

Swansong1 year ago

Awesome! I'm glad it worked out for you :) I wish we still lived close to an ocean.

Cuse95 (author)  Swansong1 year ago

Thanks it was fun to make, good winter project :) Going to make a couple more this winter.

rafununu1 year ago

Pallettes of oak ? You live in a very rich country. Lobster is the top of seafood, lucky guy (or girl) !