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Picture of Loaded Dice
This instructable will give you detailed instructions
to make a pair of dice that will always roll chosen number!

Disclaimer: Despite any jokes made during this i'ble do not
use this for personal gain.(other than the gain of watching your brother grudginly
do the task you bet on. Clean socks here i come)

Step 1: Get supplies.

Picture of Get supplies.
You need:

Dice (or die)(preferably more than 1)
Drill and bits of dif sizes
Nail (A bit smaller than bit)
tiny bit of some sort of filler (optional
Black Paint (or whatever colour your dots are)
gmjhowe11 years ago
wow, thats actually very simple to do! tho i suggest making three dice, one that lands on four, one that lands on 5 and one on six. makes it less suspicious. (obviously you need some slight of hand trickery) Deffo deserves a vote from me!

yh....can you teach me some hand trick you know

cheaters8 years ago
Can someone please make me some i don't know how...
Still interested in some loaded dice?
shoot me a message.

Send me your number let's talk business I will pay top dollar
Rgreen892 years ago
I need loaded dice send me your number if u have some for sell
andrew1311 years ago
lol. i just bought a pair of loaded dice! : )
From Where
Juklop10 years ago
Why not just stick it in the microwave for a buttload of time?
number1baller10 years ago
is the nail meant to weight it?
jdege11 years ago
The traditional trick for loading dice was to drill three holes, intersecting at the middle, and to load them with a drop of mercury. Tapping the dice on the table before the roll would move the mercury to whichever side you wanted. Mercury is, of course, somewhat toxic. But if you're cheating at dice, you're probably not going to have a long and healthy life, anyway...
noahh jdege10 years ago
I have also heard of doing that but filling it with wax so that when you hold it in your hands long enough it melts from your body heat, and then you tap them.
Neat! Thanks for sharing that.
duck-lemon (author) 11 years ago
please don't say anything offensive
what the heck was offensive about it i was just joking and i know it wasnt you
Noodle9311 years ago
I learnt once how to roll double sixes using a method some professional gamblers used. I mainly used it in Risk so I could win :P.
YummyPancakes11 years ago
LOL And then beat them at dice... Good one!
duck-lemon (author)  YummyPancakes11 years ago
GorillazMiko11 years ago
Looks pretty simple. Nice job! :D
mowdish11 years ago
Instructables wasn't made to discourage cheating either. It was, however, made to discourage pointless insults about the way someone looks.
CelloMan mowdish11 years ago
no, it was made so people could share things they have made and think other people might like making. Also I was just kidding, cant you take a joke
CelloMan11 years ago
you obviously like music and telling the world about your it as a passion