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Picture of Living Candy Bowl

This candy bowl growls and moves as if there is a creature tunneling through the candy.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

Picture of Parts and Tools
Candy Bucket Construction:
2x Candy Buckets
Wooden Knob
Ball Roller
Small Strip of Wood (not pictured)
#8 screws and bolts (not pictured)

High torque continuous rotation servo motor
Small micro-controller with headers
4x AA battery holder and batteries
Scraps of wire
Wire nuts (not pictured)

Hot glue gun
Screw driver
Hot knife
karmasmile5 years ago
Really cool
PeckLauros5 years ago
Aaaaaah! This is so cool! Good for freaking out trick or treaters. Come to think of it, good for freaking people out any time of the year.
HarryF-185 years ago
Looks awesome! Like there's a little monster in there waiting to attack!:D