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Picture of LineOut cable for sony walkman with wm-port
My first messy instructable :D
didnt spend much time so its messy
will probably clean this up later

This is for people with Sony walkman series with WM-Port
who dont want to spend too much on a dock OR the shop doesnt seem to sell them
(i'm in nz and sony nz website didnt list it. maybe there's one at the sonystyle shop tho)

I had a nw-s703 walkman which i liked but i started having problems with the audio output from the jack which i think is the one that says they will fix for free but was too lazy to get it fixed.
(i bought a new nwz-s73x series tho)

nz sony site didnt list the dock, amazon wouldnt ship those overseas and i didnt want to spend too much
i searched on english sites for a line out cable but found nothing.
so i searched japanese sites and found some which had instructions to make it so here it is

This should work for all walkman with wm-port

there arent many pics as i found this site few months after i made the cable and decided to write this now

i am planning to make another cable :D but i dont know if they sell them here gotta go to the sonystyle shop in the city and check ><

i got the info from here

Step 1: Stuff you need

Picture of Stuff you need
here are the Stuff you need

. a LineIn cable / recording cable
WMC-NWR1 or wm something that comes with the nwz ?( forgot the name for it)
( i used the line in cable that came with my new nwz-736 and its headphone plug is like the gold one)
or something ilke DCC-NWC1 Car Connecting Cable which would be the easiest to rewire


. the usual soldering stuff ( if you have one a solderthing iron with a thin tip )
i used one of those normal ones and it was a pain to solder the stuff......WM-PORT is small so...

. a resistor ( you need to choose a resistor depending on what you want (in next step))

. something to hold the port plug. and has like a magnifying glass (it makes things easier i did it without and it was quite hard)

. something like a knife thingy to open the plastic shell of the plug and to remove the chip resistor thingy

. maybe a switch to change between lineIn and lineOut or switch between resistors if you are good at these things

. a female jack OR one of those things with female jack on both side

. a multimeter

. a insulation tape thing

spare usb cable you dont mind cutting (use the male side)

. a walkman with wm-port to test it

. a speaker/earphone/headphone to connect the cable and walkman to test it

This should work for all walkman with wm-port
jerommel7 years ago
Thanks man!
Very useful information!
I'm looking forward to cursing because it's so small to solder.
Now I have to try and find an nice (complete) WM-connector, they are quite expensive...
Not a smart plan by sony to not make this easier...
jmtb1239 years ago
This is a very interesting project. I am hoping you can help me with a related problem. I have a SONY walkman S545 that connects to a PC via the W-M/USB cable coreectly, but it has problems connecting to a SONY TDM-NW1 dock for analog playback. Left audio channel plays OK. The right channel is distorted and drops out often. I see no physical damage to any connectors. Right now my only options are switch the player or switch the dock to see where the problem is. Any ideas? I tried checking the dock for continuity with a meter. Nothing but the ground responds so there must be circuitry in between.