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Picture of Light Bulb Security Mount

Recently, I bought a light bulb camera. At first I thought, "Gee, wouldn't this be a neat spy like device? I could put these things in my normal light fixtures and keep my house secure!"

They cost me $25 bucks, and quite honestly, work just as they said they would. The one problem? Every light bulb fixture has an off switch. This is to be expected, right? I mean, you wouldn't want to have a light bulb that has no way of being turned off! With that leaves a wide open problem. If I choose to screw this in, that light switch can't be turned off or I'll lose my security abilities. Not good, return the light bulbs...this was a bad decision, buyers remorse!!

Not so fast, Inner Me. These 'spy' bulbs are actually a really clever thing if we choose to look at them differently. Since they have LED lights that can be turned on by my phone through wifi, the one thing that they have over other security camera's is that they always have a light source. This means that while a light might get turned off, I'll always have illumination ready and waiting on my camera to be switched on.

But how to mount that light bulb?!

This instructable will show a quick and easy way to set one of these little ingenious security lights up in a way that'll be much more useful to you.

Step 1: Materials / Equipment Used

Picture of Materials / Equipment Used

Materials Needed:

Equipment used:

  • Wire strippers
  • Utility Knife
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • A Punch Device (Screwdriver would work, I used a file)
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers (Only needed if your wire strippers can't crimp)
  • Pencil

* This contains Amazon affiliate links. But let me be honest here: it's far easier for me to post a link to the product as a visual then to just list a description. This should make getting the items you need to finish this build far easier and more fun in the long run. If you do choose to buy something through the links, thank you. If you appreciate this instructable I'd be happy to get a like and subscribe on my youtube channel as well as a follow here, as well as a comment.

BarbaraMarin3 months ago
look like hidden spy camera that can easily adjust in any corner of home and office. is there any memory insertion card where we can save our recording or we can connect is with mobile phone and it used our mobile memory????
It could get quite difficult to disguise security cameras and for those already at stores, they could be quite costly. Homewoners should try getting their hands on a customized system to help them save money and save their home too.
Make_Things (author)  David_Hamilton7 months ago
I totally agree. Most people aren’t expecting a lightbulb to have a camera in it!
dekeros7 months ago
Nice instructable and great photos! Thumb is up!
Make_Things (author)  dekeros7 months ago
My dear, dear friend and mentor Daniel. Thank you so much! I miss talking to you and hope all is well. Hope your family is doing great and your son is on his way to being the rubic's cube champion of the world!
jessyratfink7 months ago
Great solution! I had no idea lightbulb cameras were a thing but I may need to get a couple :)
Make_Things (author)  jessyratfink7 months ago
I hadn't either up until about a month ago. There might be a more high end version of this bulb as this is an unbranded product that clearly looks like a knock off, but it really works well!