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Picture of Li-Fi [Audio Transmission Through Light]

Hello Friends ! Today we are going to perform an experiment on Li-Fi . First I'm going to tell you in brief about LiFi.

The full form of LiFi is Light Fidelity. LiFi basically is a Wireless Communication Technology which uses Visible Light for Data transmission. LiFi is designed to use LED Light Bulbs similar to those present in our homes and offices. However, there is a slight difference in these LiFi LED Light Bulbs and Normal LED Light Bulbs . These LiFi LED Light Bulbs transmit Data through the Light given off by them and these Light Signals are received by Photoreceptors. Now a question in your mind will arise that what is a Photoreceptor. So in terms of Technology, a Photoreceptor is a Sensor that detects Light by capturing Photons (Photons are Light Particles). In Labs, with stronger LED's and Powerful Technology Researchers have gained speeds upto 10 Gigabits per Second (10 Gbps) through LiFi . So Let's Get Started -

Step 1: Gathering the Materials

Picture of Gathering the Materials

This Experiment will not cost you more than 7 Bucks and the best part of this Experiment is that you don't need any Arduino or Programming. We need very simple materials for it. The List of the Materials is given below -

  1. 3.5 mm Jack PIN OUT........( X2 )
  2. 1 Watt LED..........................( X1 )
  3. 9 Volt Battery......................( X1 )
  4. 9 Volt Battery Connector...( X1 )
  5. 100 Ohm Resistor..............( X1 )
  6. 5 - 6 Volt Solar Panel.........( X1 )

Some basic tools are also required for this Experiment. The List is given below -

  1. Soldering Iron
  2. Hot Glue Gun ( Not Necessary Super Glue will also work )
Is there any capacity required for speakers? And why the resistor is required?
Gagan jain (author)  Bhavesh908912 hours ago
The main part which you need for this project to work is the amplifier of the speaker and if it has an inbuilt battery too, then better for you. I chose a speaker with an AUX input, inbuilt amplifier and an inbuilt battery. Having an inbuilt amplifier helps a lot. If you are confused, just go with a Bluetooth speaker which has AUX input connectivity. Switch that speaker to AUX input mode and everything should be in working order. Hope this helped and do feel free to ask more doubts about the project. Do share your's when it's complete under the I made it section. Thanks
What if I use high resistor such as 220
Gagan jain (author)  Bhavesh908912 hours ago
Hi dude
If you choose a higher resistor then you will have to change your power supply too. I made my circuit with the most commonly available supplies. If you want most security with your circuit, I suggest you using the circuit I provided above. Hope this helped you. Best wishes for the project. Thanks
HopeWorld2 days ago
What type of Led should we ask?
Our Li-Fi model is not working
Gagan jain (author)  HopeWorld2 days ago
I suggest you using a 3W white led. I have also given some causes if the circuit is not working so please do read them. A problem may be there with your jack as it occoured with me too. Loose connection may also be one problem. Do share your's when you complete it. Feel free to ask any further questions. Thanks
HopeWorld3 days ago
Is resistor compulsory???
Gagan jain (author)  HopeWorld3 days ago
It reduces the risk of you circuit failure as it will prevent any extra current (if flows) and can also save you led from just getting fried up if you supply a higher voltage. Happy Building ;)
HopeWorld3 days ago
Can we use red led light?
Gagan jain (author)  HopeWorld3 days ago
Hi there,
Actually I haven't experimented many circuits with this DIY project but I decided to go with a white led because of its higher intensity. Usually other coloured led's are dimmer and not as powerful. Hope this helps you.
Happy DIY Day!!
Arulanandhi8 months ago
Only we should use working jack from the ear phones
Gagan jain (author)  Arulanandhi8 months ago
You have 2 choices here
If you know soldering then you can use the spare jacks which you can get easily
If you don't know soldering then you can directly use the jacks from earphones but you will have to find the connections in it which would be a bit difficult
I suggest you to use spare jacks. Thanks
Happy Building : )
DivyaC1310 months ago
Can I use LDR rather than Solar cell ??
Gagan jain (author)  DivyaC1310 months ago
The ldr's contact area will be smaller than that of the solar panel's so, it will cause a problem in receiving signals
However if you are using a laser ldr can work I think
randofo10 months ago
You can also use a laser to transmit sound in this fashion.
Gagan jain (author)  randofo10 months ago
ya i'll soon post an instructable in this regard

Great first Instructable. Good luck in the audio contest.

Gagan jain (author)  DIY Hacks and How Tos11 months ago
Thanks for your wishes