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Picture of Levitate Objects in Mid-Air (Really!)
I found myself wanting more out of my Levitron, which levitates a small top about six inches into the air using a pair of magnets, but scaling it up is both beyond my price range and inefficient, considering that we have the Bernoulli Effect.

Basically, the faster you push air around something, the less air that actually pushes the object. The air will flow around the object, and the object will lift into the air.. It's part of what keeps airplanes flying, too.

Anyway: Let's get to the levitating, already! ; )

In this Instructable, I'll show you how to use this principle to float a variety of objects, including 2-liter plastic soda bottles, soda cans, a screwdriver, a ping-pong ball, and your pet hamster! (Not really, but you could :P )

Step 1: What We'll Need:

Picture of What We'll Need:
Leaf Blower.jpg
Bernoulli 004.jpg
Bernoulli 005.jpg
Bernoulli 006.jpg
This project won't require much, it's pretty easy.

We'll need something that can propel a lot of air, like a Blowdryer or a leaf blower. These don't have to be anything special, although you do get a little bit more power out of a gas-powered leaf blower.

Some open space if you're going to use a powerful blower, (I suppose you could use an electric leaf blower inside, though).

Something to levitate:
Table-tennis balls work well with the hair dryer, but other small, light things can work, too.

Using a leaf blower opens a lot more possibilities, like beach balls (these are the absolute best if you can find one ((or two!))), or two liter bottles, etc. (Anything without too many corners, and isn't too heavy. Think about how much a small apple weighs, and you have an idea of what we're looking for.)

Some ear protection for the youngsters is a good idea.
jray035 years ago
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howest5255 years ago
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MEMJIM8 years ago
This to,shall pass.........
Sorry, this isnt levitation. "Levitation (from Latin levare, to raise) is the process by which an object is suspended against gravity, in a stable position, by a force without physical contact." You are using aerodynamics to float the object (which involved physical contact.)
carbon (author)  squigglyspooge11 years ago
'Use Aerodynamics to Float Objects in Mid-Air (Really!)' seemed a bit much, to me. ;)
Yeah but "Levitate Objects in Mid-Air (Really!)" really isn't levitation, so the really seems kinda... wrong.
So who the hell really cares? Get over it. Nice instructable carbon. Awesome idea.
it floats in the air. good enough. God forbid we call it levitation.
stasys11 years ago
One anyone can do is get a ping pong ball and a hairdryer. Works all the time. ( Unless theres a power cut )
fred2111 years ago
i once used a golf ball and it hit me in the head
Trimaster12 years ago
i want to see your kittey fly
i wanna see you fly
carbon (author)  Trimaster11 years ago
One day.. she shall. :P
So...did snuggles levitate?
carbon (author)  Weissensteinburg12 years ago
I'm getting a bigger leaf blower... :P
tac135 carbon11 years ago
My cat would probably be too fat to levitate, even with the biggest leaf blower you could find.
fishycracker12 years ago
what happend to ur hand... lol
carbon (author)  fishycracker11 years ago
Chemical burn.
ultrauber carbon11 years ago
what chemical? hydrofluoric acid?
abbtech12 years ago
Nice demo but it would have been easier to watch it the camera was not turned on its side.
carbon (author)  abbtech11 years ago
Was I the one filming it? No, I wasn't. :P
NickHein12 years ago
When I was a kid I received a Christmas toy that was based on this principle.

It would be a simple matter to make one now, but I had a lot of fun with the Johnny Astro. My Dad did too, I heard him playing with it on Christmas Eve as he was putting out the toys with Mom. I had it for a long time and later hacked it into something else. If anyone wants to make an instructable on how to build this, or modify the leaf blower to make a controllable yoke, I'd like to see it.

Nick Hein
asianwizard12 years ago
id id sumhthink like this with a fan and a ballon with a marble in it
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carbon (author)  ich bin ein pyro12 years ago
You must have gotten an F in capitalization! :P And punctuation! ; )
yup for a while my nickname was mr no name cuz i always forgot my name at the top of the paper and its not an f its a d minus :P
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"really" i presume...
Well... "...have gotten..." is passive voice.
The passive voice is to be ignored.
royalestel12 years ago
I think it would be easier to look at if your pictures were all rotated vertically.
carbon (author)  royalestel12 years ago
Oops, thanks for pointing that out. Sometimes you don't see these things. I told her, "Don't turn the camera sideways!" And what does she go ahead and do? Gah! Women!
royalestel carbon12 years ago
Much better. You know, some people say, "There's a woman to blame" but I know, it's your own dang fault. :)
canida carbon12 years ago
*administers a much-needed boot to the head*
Sgt.Waffles12 years ago
In the first picture, i thought the cat was dead, and you were going to levitate it. That would be an instructable.
CameronSS12 years ago
Yay for Snuggles! Kitty make me happy!
carbon (author)  CameronSS12 years ago
Kitteh makes everyone happy! ::snuggles Snuggles:: :D