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Picture of Legend of Zelda:

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most iconic video games out there. This was around when the original nintendo system first came out. Anyways, the premise is simple: Princess Zelda needs some rescuing from the evil Ganon. In order to save the princess and the land of Hyrule, You get to level up the character Link with awesome weapons and battle monsters. Gah, i loved this game on SNES. That was my jam for the longest!!!

Anyways, I had originally made a vest that happened to be green for my dog several years ago. Since I had extra material, I figured that i could make him a Halloween costume for this year. It worked out great!! There are even little pockets on the sides of the vest that you can fill with such things as candy, if you want to distribute. Shall we get started??


- Green Fleece Jacket

-Sewing machine

-seam ripper

-Sewing clips

-measuring tape

-Thick EVA foam

-Roll of EVA Foam

-kwikseal caulk

-exacto knife

-scratch paper


-Craft Foam

-Glue Gun

-Cutting mat


-Black Clips

-Heating gun

-Acrylic paint

-Spray paint

-Modge Podge

Step 1: Reference Pictures

Picture of Reference Pictures

Before I ever start ANY costume, I look up a ton of reference photos from various sources and put it in a folder. The more pictures from different angles, the better. Because a Dog would be wearing this, i had to think about the logistics of how the costume could actually stay on, and what he would and would not be willing to wear.

Look up:

1. Actual photos of the character from its source (movies, comics, action figure, etc)

2. Cosplay pictures. You can see what has been done, what you like, what you don't like, how to improve on a design. You can also start getting an idea of different poses you think you'd like to do.

3. I start looking at art work. I usually look up things via google images, deviant art, tumblr, etc. This way, you can see different renditions of a character through a new perspective and once again, start thinking about what you like, don't like, etc.

4. Use your own imagination. Think about what you want, how to make it your own original design, what are some tricks you think you'd like to incorporate.. perhaps you want to try out a new technique with this build, etc


5. If you can draw, I sometimes will take all my reference sources and start drawing out my own design.