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Ballroom dancing takes lots of time and energy to learn well, but I find it rewarding. Since I can't cover all types in one Instructable, I'm going to start with a basic Waltz that will serve well at (most) formal events. This is my first Instructable, so if it goes well, I'll try to do more for other forms of dancing. Learning a basic waltz will probably take an hour or two, depending on your coordination.

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Step 1: Get into your dance frame

Picture of Get into your dance frame
'Frame' is the word ballroom dancers use to describe how you hold your body. Stand up straight to start with. Many of these steps will be broken down into 'leader' and 'follower' parts - typically, the leader is male and the follower female, but if you intend to dance often it is helpful to learn both.

The leader holds his left arm up, elbow almost at a right angle. His hand should be approximately at his partner's eye level. His right arm holds his partner, with his hand at the base of her shoulder blade and his arm up to support her arm.

The follower takes the opposite position, with her right arm up so her hand is in his, and her left arm above the leader's right, her left hand just above his bicep.

Align your bodies so that your right sides line up, not the centers. Keep your feet a little less than shoulder-width apart.

Do not intertwine fingers; this is important if you want to learn how to spin the follower around. Fingers break that way.

nostrings3 years ago

Easy to follow instructions and very simple to understand

miseleigh (author) 10 years ago
It occurs to me now that I should have put this in the 'Art' category, rather than 'life'... if someone knows how I can change that, I would appreciate learning.
Very nicely done, and nice detail. You may have to find someone that has the authority to move it if you need that done: or a member of staff (Eric W, Rachel, Canida, Rondolfo, etc.)