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Picture of Leaf bowls

I love finding my forms for pieces out of what I find in nature. I grew up on the bush and sometime I do have a close look at the different shapes in the leaves. I have now made 5 bowls based off the shape of leaves, with this last set of 3 my best ones. They are a great project for learning how to use angle grinders to carve and shape wood. Its not as intimidating as it sounds working with tools like this on a larger scale. It also has the element of the stem to make it more challenging. Hopefully this instruction could show you something new or inspire you to create.

Step 1: Template

Picture of Template
60982189_1804782849623638_3492449998157643776_n (1).jpg

With my first 2, I made them by free hand drawing the design straight onto the timber. As I wanted to do a set, a template is the way to go. It also helps for the future for when I make more. Before sketching the design, I went for a quick walk and found a leaf that I liked the shape of. I was looking for one with some width and a little bit of interest in the shape. I didnt want to pick something symmetrical.
Setting the size is dependent on your timber and the shape of the leaf. I think a good standard is 500mm long and 200mm wide. From these perimeters, I then sketched out my design on some scrap 3mm mdf. Using the band saw and the linisher sander, I shaped my template.
A step that I did do later was carving a dashed line along the stem. This allows me to mark my center line for the stem. To cut those dash marks out, I used a star cutter and a cylindrical cutter in my foredom rotary tool. The star cutter is great for controlled lines and the cylindrical cutter got the depth of cut, guided by the v grove.

When the template is done, you can trace the template onto the wood. The good thing with this shape is that you can flip the template and butt them up to each other. This means there is less waste and you can get 2 out of 850mm rather than 1000mm.

OutofPatience2 months ago
These are elegant! I appreciate your obvious "kinsmanship" with the wood. Your instructions are clear as well...thanks so much for sharing. These made me think of my late Father who was a mechanical engineer who often made things in wood in his spare time. My brother has any remaining pieces of Daddy's work, but I have the memories. Your lovely pieces made me see those in my mind's eye...thank you!
Gadisha2 months ago
Very nice!
audreyobscura2 months ago
This came out awesome!
Cheers. I appreciate it
deluges2 months ago
Absolutely beautiful
Simon Beggs Wood Turning (author)  deluges2 months ago
Cheers. I appreciate it
Those are beautiful! I love the smooth, curved leaf shape :)
Cheers. I appreciate it
rayp15112 months ago
Those came out great, and that wood finishes beautifully. Well done!
Cheers. I appreciate it
prnet2 months ago
Awesome leafs! Well done, seriously!
Simon Beggs Wood Turning (author)  prnet2 months ago
Cheers. I appreciate it