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Picture of LeCleac'h Horn Loudspeaker System
I have been jealous of Jean-Michel LeCleac'h's speaker system since I first saw photos of it five years or so ago, but building such a system would have cost a couple thousand bucks I didn't feel like spending on speakers.

In the fall of 2010, I was driving the kids to choir practice, and I saw a bunch of public-address horns and drivers sitting on the curb. I pulled over, hopped out of the car, and asked the man raking leaves whether he intended to be giving away the gear for free. He said he was, so I wedged it all into the back of my van and got glared at by the kids. I was now in a position to wheel-deal myself into a LeCleac'h system. I sold two of the horns and one of the drivers, along with a bunch of other old gear.

Step 1: 800-8,000Hz: Azura AH-425 Horns

Picture of 800-8,000Hz: Azura AH-425 Horns
I first heard of Martin Seddon's fiberglass horns in the context of his AH-160 for Lowther drivers. Martin had used the (acoustically sweet) horn curvature developed and published by LeCleac'h to make molds for fiberblass layup. Martin very generously described his whole design/build process to me in email, but he recommended that the mold-making process had been a royal pain in the ass, and he recommended that I buy horns from him rather than make my own molds. This seemed like good advice, but it stalled me out for a few years.

Once I had the money together from the sold-off salvage, I immediately ordered a pair of his AH-425 horns, which were designed for the remaining pair of salvaged Altec 288C drivers.

The horns simply bolt onto the drivers, so there's nothing to "build" here.

Those drivers on those horns cover (conservatively) around 800Hz to around 8,000Hz, so I still needed to cover 30-800Hz and 8,000-20,000Hz:

30-70Hz: ???
80Hz-800Hz: ???
800-8,000Hz: Altecs/Azuras
8,000-20,000Hz: ???

(The photo for this step is from Martin's website.)
bigme6 years ago
Love the look of the super-tweeters on the mic stands!
wobbler6 years ago
If this sounds as good as it looks, it must sound fantastic (and surreal)!
zapro6 years ago
Wow what an amazing build! - Well done!
gmoon7 years ago
Very nice! Hard-core audiophile stuff...and you got the horn drivers for free.

How does it sound?
fritz.bogott (author)  gmoon7 years ago
Well, for example, I can hear electric bass notes and timbres much more clearly than previously, and I can tell one backup singer from another.