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Picture of Laser Cut Magnetic Dice Boxes

I picked up Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition last year and have had a blast playing it with my friends. D&D is such an incredible way to spend time with people, and I've finally built up enough confidence to start my own campaign! Being the crafty sort, I wanted a handmade way to carry my dice with style.

These laser cut, magnetic dice boxes hold seven standard polyhedral dice and can be custom-engraved to give them some personal flair. They feature strong magnetic closures that prevent your dice from tumbling out while battling hordes of gnolls and have felt linings that can be swapped out to complement and pamper your favorite dice set.

This project was born out of my own (mostly failed) attempts to follow other dice box tutorials. Many of them I found difficult to assemble, or required woodworking tools I had no access to. This project relies entirely on the laser cutter and engraver to do the heavy lifting and otherwise can be assembled with basic materials.

(Full Disclosure: While I did make the patterns myself through trial and error, these boxes are heavily inspired by Elderwood Academy's gorgeous hex chest dice boxes. They're a really cool small business selling handmade accessories for tabletop gaming, so please go check them out!)

Step 1: Customizing the Design

Picture of Customizing the Design

You'll need a vector editor for this step-- Adobe Illustrator (not free) and Inkscape (free) both work great. You can get the cut and raster files below.

Personalizing your dice boxes is one of my favorite parts of this process. It can show off your character or reflect your own interests, making it a great gift for friends. Both the top and bottom can be engraved-- there are several sample faces included in the source files for you to get inspired by!

If you've never used a vector editor with laser engraving before, here are a couple of tips to get you started:

1. You can pull images or designs off the internet and then use the Image Trace tool to turn it into a usable vector. Then, scale it so that it fits nicely within the hexagonal facepiece. You can also use regular bitmap images too with most laser cutters.

2. Engraving works by removing the surface layer of the wood. The more power the laser uses, the darker and more sunken the area will be.

3. For most laser engravers, the color/lightness of the image is used as the laser power, so white areas will be untouched and dark areas will be heavily engraved. You can use this to create visual interest in your dice box! You may need to play with the color slightly to get good contrast, so feel free to reference the provided files.

Now that's really really pretty. You could probably do the same in a larger scale as a stand for various household items. Something that I bet the wives and girlfriends could definitely appreciate and allow you to hang on to all that hardware in the house a little longer!
PaulW409 made it!yesterday
Made it for nephew’s birthday. He loved it
Good, but I have a little trouble explaining it. I suggest that you explain a lot. Thank you so much for keeping track of you. Hope to be successful.
davemenc2 days ago
Very nice box. Loved the detailed design work and the layering.

Just wanted to mention that you can cut felt on the laser too. You can cut it very precisely and, since you already have the exact image it's much easier than using scissors.

Love those custom wooden boxes!


myk3yth2 days ago
It’s really nice. Best layered box I’ve seen.

Can I ask, why didn’t you cut the felt with your laser?
wolfboxshop (author)  myk3yth2 days ago
Thank you!
As for re:felt, I totally could have! In this case, it's because it wasn't on the list of safe materials in my makerspace and I would have had to submit a materials safety sheet and paperwork, etc, etc.
ChadG312 days ago
How much would you charge to make me one?
AlexT3064 days ago
This project looks great. The wood finish really brings it to another level!
Love all the details! It's perfect.
wolfboxshop (author)  jessyratfink5 days ago
Thank you! I super appreciated your tutorial on photo editing for Instructable, by the way! It was really helpful :')
sabu.dawdy5 days ago
This is an excellent source to make something for your game guy if what’s what someone is into. My hubby is a chess and pub je freak. And well I was planning to make something chess type for him so a long time. Ur instructable gives me idea to make something similar for him for chess or pub je . Thank u fo4 inspiration.
wolfboxshop (author)  sabu.dawdy5 days ago
Ooh, good luck! Thank you, and I would love to see what you come up with!
Alex in NZ5 days ago
What a neat little box. Thanks for sharing your work and for mentioning the inspiration :-)