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First and Foremost: I followed another Instructable to build the Arc Reactor. As stated in the other instructable, it was about a 9 hr build. This particular build is more than 9 hours long, as I wanted the lights inside the ring to do more then just turn on/off. I started this project by designing and building a 10 channel L.E.D. chaser circuit to put into the Arc ring. If you want to view the Arc reactor and circuit in action, go here.

Equipment Used for this project:

craft glue gun, craft glue

X-Acto Knife set for cutting, trimming

Drill and drill bits (sizes: 7/64", 3/16:", 13/64", 3/8")

Soldering Iron, Dremel, routing bit for dremel

Electronic Parts List:

10x 5mm bright L.E.D's (clear-white)

3x 5mm bright L.E.D's (clear-blue)

1x 10mm bright L.E.D (clear-white)

14x 1K ohm (1/4 watt is fine) resistors, 3x 100 ohm (1/4 watt is fine) resistor,

1x 10k ohm trim pot

1 555 timer, 1x 4017 decade counter

2x 10uf(16V) capacitor

1x 4007 diode (for reverse polarity protection)

22 gauge bare copper wire (for windings)

18-20 gauge bare copper wire (for internal rings)

22-26 gauge ribbon cable wire for the 10 channel output of the 4017 chip to L.E.D.'s

perforated board to solder electronic parts together

RJ11 female telephone jack connectors, RJ11 male telco connectors with wires

1x SPST switch

1x 9V battery, 1 9V battery connector


Craft Glue

homemade plastic mold (made from moisturizer lid-diameter 104mm), can of beans(diameter 65mm), wood base, screws to hold into place)

040"(1mm) thick PolyStyrene

Black tape

6x computer motherboard stand-off's, 3x motherboard screws (to hold the inner ring in place)

Optional Materials for Iron Man Costume:

4'x8' Durafoam to make a 'Iron' look for the Iron Man costume

2 rolls Duct tape

old back pack with straps

Industrial strength velco with double sided adhesive

Tear Drop template for steam vent cut-outs

Old pair of hockey gloves

2 under counter lights from a dollar store

6x 'AAA' batteries for the pulsar lights

optional Halloween color Velum paper(available on ebay) to put over the pulsar lights

shin pads, preferably back catchers shin pads

**PATIENCE** lol

Step 1: Designing and Testing the Chaser Circuit

Picture of Designing and Testing the Chaser Circuit

I took the circuit design and diagram from I made a modification for the timing part of the circuit. I changed the values of the 2 resistors on either side of the 10K trim pot to 100 ohms because I wanted the 555 Timer to pulse as fast as possible to give the ring a glow affect when the pulse reaches it's maximum. To view the circuit in operation, go here. Click to view the circuit diagram.

I put the circuit together on a breadboard to make sure it worked properly. Then I left it all connected until the glue ring was ready for the L.E.D.'s. I put a picture of a finished circuit soldered to a perforated board and used the RJ11 female connectors and hot glued them to secure them to the board.

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That's great! Let me know if you have any questions.

That is seriously one of the best arc reactors that I have seen. I am definitely going to try to make one for my son's Iron Man costume.

Thank you so much! Let me know if you have any questions.