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Picture of Kayak Fishing Milkcrate

If you have made it to this amazing instructable, that means you have or are soon to have a kayak that you want to make more suitable to your fishing needs. I was just like you one day when I decided to build my first crate. I wanted more on deck storage, rod holders (w/leashes), and a way to close and lock it in the closed position in case of a rollover. After retrieving my actual milk crate, I spent time walking around my workshop looking for random materials that I could use to make my milk crate more suited to my fishing needs. In total, this milk crate cost me a whopping $4.85. It would've been free if I had already had the milk crate. I hope you enjoy my design and get good use from it. TIGHT LINES!!!


Picture for Cutting PVC

Picture for Grated Lid

Picture for Foam Insulation

Picture of sunset fishing

Step 1: Gather needed materials

For this project, your going to need:

  • Milk crate
  • About 5 ft of 1.25" PVC Pipe
  • At least 9 heavy duty zip-ties
  • A grate of some sort (I used a grated metal shelve from an old freezer)
  • 4 small bungee chords
  • A sheet of foam at least 18"x18"x3" (I found old foam insulation)
  • 4 small straps or medium bungee chords
  • Adhesive (I used gorilla glue)
  • (Optional) Colored Duct tape
  • (Optional) Spray Paint

Tools needed:

  • Drill with 1/4" bit
  • Cutting tool (Dremel, Hack-saw, ect.)
  • A file or sandpaper
Lorddrake3 years ago

simple but efficient. well done. are those outriggers forward of your fishing crate on your kayak?

btressle (author)  Lorddrake3 years ago
Thank you! It has been sufficient for me for the past year. The outriggers are still a work in progress. Their construction is complete but there are some issues I'd like to work out. They are positioned forward of the crate though as I wanted to try to match the parallel position the COG would be. My kayak also has quite a bit of weight up front with a fish finder and battery.