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Make It Rain Down Chocolate! For Real! Here's How to Make Your Own Pneumatic Candy Cannon!

Picture of Make It Rain Down Chocolate! For Real!  Here's How to Make Your Own Pneumatic Candy Cannon!
Be the coolest person on the block by building a pneumatic device that will launch candy 100 feet in the air, and make it rain down all kinds of sugary treats!!!

It's fun to make, and a huge hit at birthday parties!

Step 1: Watch the Video!

WARNING:  This project uses compressed air as the medium for projecting candy, and thereby poses various safety risks.  This project should not be attempted without adult supervision and adequate training. Misuse, or careless use, of tools or projects may result in serious injury or death. Use of this video content is at your own risk.
RonW1041 year ago

This is a really great project, Im trying to make something like this for my engineering and design class at school. i was wondering if you could give me some insite on the best places to possibly get the material. we are building a bed float to race in a derby and im in charge of making cannons for t-shirts and stuff like that and I think this would be one hundred times better!!! and also great video.

cheinrich13 years ago

@ TheKingofRandom,

What is the parts list for the Candy Cannon? I have been trying to find a parts list for some time. Any help here would be great.


tashmagosh3 years ago

Is there anyone who can tell me all the parts I will need for this

tashmagosh3 years ago

Is there anyone who can tell me all the parts I will need for this

AdamF773 years ago
It blew up at 100 psi :(
Awesome Idea, This is an amazing build.
Hey, thanks!
So i mad this with the only deviation of using a 3/4 in threaded male to a 1 in non threaded female adapter rather then the threaded coupling... it blew up at these joints ar only 100 psi. I have pictures any help would be great.
Big fan Mr, KOR,
I am a novice at best doing these projects and have never been a handy man around the house. with that said i have mo knowledge of the materials that you used to make this project. i know it may be a hassle but do you have a full list so that i do not get the wrong stuff and blow my hand off in an attempt to improvise?.lol


Can you talk about the switch mechanism a little more? They guy at the irrigation store suggested replacing my AC solenoid with a DC solenoid in the sprinkler valve, but when I wire up the momentary switch and press it, it only keeps the valve open. To get the valve to close, I actually have to reverse the polarity by touching the leads to the opposite charges of the 9v.

how much money was it for all the parts

jpstiffin4 years ago

Glen: can you tell me what sprinkler valve you used? Can I get it at Lowes?. Thanks.

-CCCP-5 years ago

This is awesome, But, it made me really hungry with the title. I'm gonna get a cookie now.

ItalianJack5 years ago
Great project! Do you have to use special high-pressure pipe, or just regular?

DanTDM5 years ago

I hate pvc pipe

LiamOSM DanTDM5 years ago

thank you for your wonderful contribution to the comments.

yoyoyo98015 years ago

how do u make the barrel adjustable

yoyoyo98015 years ago

help, materials list plz, I need

yoyoyo98015 years ago

I know this is a very late comment, but I love all of your projects!!!

its just like potato canon
dannygam5 years ago
I've made an air cannon similar to this before. Good stuff! My question is reload time is slow from the time spent with the air compressor. Do you know of a way to hook up a CO2 canister to make it portable and somewhat quicker for reloading. Thanks.
fjalvarez6 years ago
I love this project but like many of you I work better with a parts list, has anyone been able to get one ? thanks and keep up the great work..:)
zamora1236 years ago
I would love to build this for my daughters 6th birthday this weekend. Would it be possible to get a more detailed list of supplies? She would really love this. My email address is if it's possible.
yapoyo6 years ago
Chocolate rain.... some stay dry and others feel the pain.
TheRocker716 years ago
Do you happen to remember the total price on this project?
veebz6 years ago
Great cannon. I've built a few myself using a very similar design. I use the same type of valve but I've had mixed results with only using 9V. Sometimes 9V work, sometimes I need to use 3x9V. It seems to me (and I may have missed something) that my valve needs more voltage as the pressure increases.

I love the nice finish you put on it too!
Thank you so much. That was the only part I couldn't find.
I know you didn't do it in this video, but in the ak 47 video you made a bike pump adapter and I was just wondering where you got it?
you make the coolest things ever. I love the solar scorcher and both air cannons

I made the pump adaptor from a valve stem. You can get these at auto parts stores or companies that deal in tire repair.

All the best!

Mig Welder6 years ago
I gotta say, your ingenuity with common materials and simple tools is amazing! The nice flourish like a paint job you have for every project really finishes it off. Thanks for another great project idea!
The King of Random (author)  Mig Welder6 years ago
Thanks for your nice compliment Mig! I have a project on making a stick welder from microwave parts coming up soon. I'd love your feedback on it since I have no real experience welding.
No problem! I look forward to giving you some feedback! In fact, I've made a few MOT welders in my time but I look forward to seeing your take on it. Keep the guides coming!
The King of Random (author)  doodlecraft6 years ago
Only second to you Natalie! This is our back yard .. but the park wouldn't be a bad idea. The spray radius of the candy is amazing!
We need to be neighbors again! We are planning a My little pony party for Hailee...and pinkie pie has a party cannon. This would be perfect! :)
@doodlecraft - I don't mean to break in on a private conversation but it'd have to be a REALLY big cannon to launch a pony - pink or otherwise. :)

@TKoR - Well done (scurrying off to the basement).
The King of Random (author)  adbkwhitley6 years ago
:) Are you off to make the Pony Cannon? lol
Nah, my wife won't even let me make a pneumatic punkin chunker. No WAY she'd entertain a pony cannon. Besides, the SPCA and all that . . . Nope, I'll stick to inanimate objects, thanks. :)
seltzer106 years ago
So I've done allot of work with potato cannons and I've found a great way to launch grape shot or in your case candy is to create a re-usable "seal plate" rather than needing to cut up the cups. This is done by :
1. cut a one inch long section of scrap pipe (same pipe as barrel)
2. buy a tube of GE Silicone 2 Caulking
3. Lay the pipe "ring" down on a smooth flat surface
4. Fill the ring with the caulking, allow it to cure.
upon curing you will now have a perfectly sized plug for your barrel, The friction between the plug and barrel walls will create Fk which can decreasethe projectiles velocity although I find it preferable to deal with this Fk because it seems to be less of an issue than the lost air pressure due to using other "plug" type items. - Hope this helps!
- Side note: You can also cast awesome projectiles using silicone that are reusable rather than wasting a bag of potatoes. Although these cast silicone projectiles bounce, so be careful of ricochet.
The King of Random (author)  seltzer106 years ago
Great feedback and comment. Thanks! Just curious, what silicone are you using for casting? Is it a 2 part mix, or something you could pick up from home depot?
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