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This instructable is all about making a stool. When I started making I want all my things to look beautiful. This build was looking me very ordinary so to increase the beauty I decided to build the custom top of this stool. I am a huge fan of Iron man and his spark and I want to introduce this thing into my project. I thought this was definitely a great project to give honour to the creator of that character. Initially I wanted to make his new spark but then I change the plan and go with the old version of iron man. If I made this completely out of wood I would definitely going to include some other superheroes also. Hopefully, you learn something new from this build and use that in your own projects. If you like this build then make sure to leave your feedback. I use two different material for this build but you can definitely make entirely out of wood and made arc reactors, other parts of the iron man suit. May be in future I introduce mark 2 of iron man stool and that will definitely going to be whole new level. The awesome thing about this build is that in the night the whole build alive and boggles your mind. You can carve the piece with the CNC with much accuracy but it didn't mean that you can't do it with hand. If you use templates then there is no doubt that you are capable of doing some magic tricks with the resin and glow in dark pigments.

Step 1: Material Used

Following is the list of material used in this build.

1. 1” X 2” stainless steel pipes

2. 1” X 1” stainless steel pipes

3. 1¹½” X 1½” stainless steel pipe

4. ¾” wide and ¼” thick steel bar

5. Pickling agent

6. Epoxy resin

7. Glow in dark pigment powder

8. End cap

9. Buffing compound

Tools and Safety Used:-

1. Chop saw

2. Angle Grinder

3. Flap disk

4. Scotch Brite wheel

5. Buffing wheel

6. Welding Helmet

7. Leather Glove

8. Apron

9. Safety Goggles.

10. welding Set

11. SS304 Welding Electrode

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ToniRose4 days ago
Boy, did I read the title wrong.
allison.bracy2 months ago
I was looking through the emails I get from Instructables, and was just sort of glancing when BOOM! I see this epic glowing Iron Man stool. Even as I was telling myself that there was no way I would be able to build this, let alone build it as well as you did, I decided to look. And OH. MY. GOODNESS. It is beautiful. Amazing job!
AMbros Custom (author)  allison.bracy17 days ago
thank you brother, much appreciated :)
seamster2 months ago
I have yet to try welding stainless steel, but your projects make me want to give it a shot. Nice work my friend! : )
AMbros Custom (author)  seamster2 months ago
Thank you dear, much appreciated words from you. Yeah definitely give it a shot, some time project seems to be difficult but not indeed once you stepped into that:)
icemen1232 months ago
Awesome !!!
AMbros Custom (author)  icemen1232 months ago
Thanks buddy:)