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Picture of IoT Power Consumption Concern

This instructables show how to measure the power consumption in an IoT project.

And also show some well known methods how to reduce the power consumption.

Step 1: Why?

Picture of Why?

Most IoT is not wired but connecting the Internet, so power consumption is a big concern.

Subsequent to my previous instructables - ATtinyPowerMeter, its time to use it measure the power consumption.

Why use the ATtinyPowerMeter instead of measuring the current with a DMM?

陳亮 (author)  CheapLazyHobbyist1 year ago
Hi AdamU9, ATtinyPowerMeter can measure voltage and current at the same time and then help you calculate accumulated power consumption. IoT usually not drawing constant current, it draw much more while WiFi operation but it usually only last few ten milliseconds. Accumulated power consumption can help you estimate how much actual battery capacity your project required.
Boxoffrogs2 years ago
As always, an unusual, interesting and innovative instructable... excellent project, love it!