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Picture of Arduino Internet of Things (IoT) Using NiceRf LoRa1276


Internet of things (IoT) has evolved in such way that every day is cheaper, smaller and less power hungry to communicate "things" that were impossible a few years ago. Now technologies like GSM and WiFi are the most used for that task, but has their disadvantages:

GSM, 3G, LTE: High costs: A data plan is needed for communications, high energy consumption

WiFi, BLUETOOTH : Low distance coverage ( tens of meters inside buildings) high energy consumption!

To overcome the disadvantages of previous technologies, LPWAN ( Low Power Wide Area Network ) has been proposed, and must fill some requirements:

  • Oriented to devices with low data volume and sporadic communications.

  • Low power consumption, so battery operated devices could work for many years.

  • Wide area coverage to send and receive data without problems inside buildings, basements, industrial boxes, etc.

There are now a lot of technologies in the same path like LoRa, LTE-MTC, RPMA, UNB, and others more

LoRa alliance ( CISCO, IBM, SEMTECH, MICROCHIP and others ) aims to create a wireless communication standard for battery operated devices with regional, national or global coverage. The main advantage of LoRa is the use of ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) bands, so every person could create their own LPWAN without paying royalties or spectrum fees, as longs as stays inside nations's regulations.

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Here is the list for the required components for this project with the absolute lowst prices! If tou find something cheaper somewhere, please msg me!

geniox6 months ago
Good evening, nice example. I have a question about wiring. Why do you put all those resistor between spi pins? In other examples the do a direct wiring (also in the data sheet provided by nicerf). Thank you.
Alguem possue codigo arduino da desse modulo Lora, mas do modelo V.2
kutilt2 years ago

Ok, thanks. Now I have a new problem. How to detect my garage gate remote control key (433 MHz)? Can anyone advise me? I want to use LoRa SX1278 (433MHz).

igelit made it!2 years ago

Thank you for good tutorial.