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Picture of Interior Pallet Barn Doors

I wanted to make sliding doors for the closet in this room because with all the stuff in there, the bed is so far over that it gets in the way of opening the closet door. Soooo…… sliding barn door would be the perfect solution, right? Ya, that’s what I thought, too!

The actual door was about 24” wide, with 19” on one side and 14” on the other side of the door being available wall. So since it is such a small space, I had to make two narrow doors because I couldn’t make the rail stick out past where the wall stopped. I made the doors the size of the hole where the door was, but next ones I will do about 3”- 4” wider than the hole. By the time you take out the door frame, the hole is way bigger, so take that into consideration. That also goes for the height of the door. If you have room at the top, make it a little taller.

Step 1: Interior Pallet Barn Doors

Picture of Interior Pallet Barn Doors

This is what the door hole looks like with the original door frame removed and with a little bit of the new trim attached. This was also pallet wood I had stained and varnished. I varnished first so I would not be smelling up the house with the polyurethane varnish.

I drew and re-drew the plans for this door and still ended up doing things differently and would still have done it even differently, because I learned a whole lot with these doors.

So, to start, I picked out my pallet wood that I wanted to use and planed it. Here are the pallet boards before planing. Remember, take out all the nails and staples, or you will be sorry when you run them through a planer. Also, ALWAYS wear safety glasses when planing. If you don’t want to plane the wood, just sand it and use it the very same way.