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Picture of Installing Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx
After a quick search on Instructables I could not find a good guide on the installation of my favorite distribution of Linux: Ubuntu.  I quickly added an Oracle Virtual Machine and began the installation screen shotting the whole process.  Skip to the end if you've already installed Ubuntu and would like to customize the window buttons or install Chromium-browser.

Step 1: Burn Image to Disc

Picture of Burn Image to Disc
Fullscreen capture 6292010 85947 AM.bmp
Fullscreen capture 6292010 90022 AM.bmp
Visit and click the "Download Ubuntu" link.  From there select the version of Ubuntu you would like (32 bit or 64 bit).  If you do not know which one to choose, select the 32 bit version to be safe.  Further down on the page is the second step which allows you to select your operating system and whether you would like to install from a USB drive or a CD.  I would recommend a CD at this point as it is easier and works with more systems.
JanineA4 years ago

does anyone here know how to enhance or develop this ubuntu 10.04 id really appreciate if someones help me with my case study... thanks

natrinicle (author)  JanineA4 years ago
Enhance or develop? Can you please elaborate?
act casual7 years ago
I'm trying to get 10.11 but it doesn't. Work the boot cd is working and i get to a the part were in start to install but get an error. I'm got windows XP and two hard drive xp on one and other is empty for ubuntu
can you help me
natrinicle (author)  act casual7 years ago
That will be a question that you'll want to refer to the Ubuntu Forums:
WWC7 years ago
I would really like to try this Ubuntu. I have downloaded it 4 different times on 2 pc, each has there own CD burner and every time i go to burn it to a CD it fails to burn completely. Says error didnt finish burning. I use a 720 mb cd. Any suggestions what i could try?
natrinicle (author)  WWC7 years ago
Try a different brand of blank discs? You may also try with a computer on a battery backup?
WWC natrinicle7 years ago
Good idea. I in fact have used the same brand CD every time. I will try a different brand.
kikazz8 years ago
I also like chrome much better than other internet browsers. It looks prettier.
JavaNut139 years ago
I don't want to be annoying but 9.10 is better than 10.04.
natrinicle (author)  JavaNut139 years ago
I actually like the improved hardware detection and startup speed of 10.04 over 9.10. What do you like better about 9.10?
In 9.10 I like that it will not crash and go into 'low graphics mode' - causing me to loose all my data. The Battery indicator is far more reliable, and doesn't tell me that my laptop will hibernate if I don't charge it, even though it has at least 2 hours remaining. I initially had a problem with rhythmbox and my Walkman, and the edge scrolling' did not work out of the box either. I am using an Acer Aspire One, 1.66Ghz, 1GB memory, 250GB HDD, Dual-booting with Windows 7, 10.1" screen, Blue cover.
That's odd. Have you asked on the ubuntu forums for help? The only thing on my eeepc that doesn't work is the multi-touch functions of the touchpad (horisontal and vertical edge scrolling work), and I'm having trouble with skype and the microphone.
TOCO thalass8 years ago
That is funny. I have ubuntu running on an old dell desktop. It was running xp slowly and skype video calls were so choppy we were better off just using the phone. I uninstall-ed xp and installed ubuntu 9.10 and then upgraded to 10.04. I have a microsoft webcam so it didnt want to run. An update for skype was released and my microsoft camera worked perfectly and not choppy at all. Skype calls to china are much more enjoyable now. The microphone was never a problem for me. Did you go into settings in ubuntu or in skype itself?
JavaNut13 TOCO8 years ago
I had fiddled with all the settings (This was a while ago..) But the solution was one to do with Ubuntu settings, not Skype.
I have asked on the forums. I forgot that I had problems with the microphone also installing Pulse Audio Volume Control and then zeroing the left channel fixed it for me.
Wow thanks! Now it works for me haha. Awesome. Sorry I can't help with your problems. It can be hit and miss with some machines, I guess. My last computer was a HP laptop and half the hardware buttons and other stuff refused to work. But I'm still a bit of a noob so there's alot that's beyond me hah.
It is open source. Have you considered downgrading those bits in 10.04?