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Picture of Install Google Chrome in Fedora
For those of you Fedora users out there who are Google Chrome fans, I'mma show you how to install Chrome.

Step 1: Add the repo.

Picture of Add the repo.
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Screenshot - 06292013 - 06:06:15 PM.png
Before you install Chrome, you'll have to add the repo first, so pull up a terminal window and go in as root, and type in the following, and then running yum update would help too:


rpm --import

sh -c 'echo "[google-chrome]
name=Google Chrome 32-bit
baseurl=" >> /etc/yum.repos.d/google-chrome.repo'

yum update

*If you're running Fedora 64-bit, type x86_64 instead of i386.

NancyJ192 years ago

When I compare chrome to other browser I found it is best.

jacobkoshy3 years ago