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Picture of Install Arduino IDE 1.8.2 on Linux

When I tried to install the Arduino IDE 1.8.2 on Linux like the
guidance on the Arduino website proposes, the install script returns multiple errors and i got very frustrated.

To prevent others from getting in that mood, I will share my solution, which i found, with you.

You only have to make little changes in the script and the installation will run flawlessly. This tutorial is for version 1.8.2 !

Step 1: Download the Arduino IDE

Picture of Download the Arduino IDE

Go to => Software and download the package which fits to your system.

Kubrickhan3 months ago
On linux 1.8.8/linux64 version, you may have to navigate to the arduino-1.8.8 folder inside an outer, once you've moved things to /opt. However, as things turn out, there's no need to change the RESOURCE_NAME, it's already as one wants it.
Dan69P3 months ago
Thank you so very much !
I needed this......

Arduino on linux rules!

Good idea. It gives a few more options on how to setup an Arduino.